WACKEN OPEN AIR 2019 – Interviewing THE LAZYS

Fresh from their banging Wacken debut set, I grabbed Leon (vocals) and Matty (guitar) from Aussie rock band The Lazys and together we tried to process what had just happened on stage as The Lazys left their mark on the holy ground.

Let’s take about that mental show that you just did! What the hell was going on?

Leon: I don’t know what it was. It was one of the most build up shows in our own camp.

Matty: It felt like my first ever town quest when I was 12. I was shitting bricks!

Leon: To be put on a Wacken bill was one thing, but to actually do it was another. We didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t!

Matty: I kinda knew but you can’t build it up in your own mind.

Leon: If something goes wrong or this or that happens. And I said to the boys, there might be twenty people, turns out there’ about 5000!

So this gig was your first time on the holy ground…

Matty: It’s our first big festival in Germany. It’s our first major European festival.

I’m just gonna say you made, if Wacken is your first major European festival. Where do you go from here?

Both: Playing the main stage!

Leon: It was something out of a fairy-tale book, because literally nothing went wrong and the band enjoyed it and the crowd as well. It was amazing! We’re gonna take over the Faster, Harder or Louder stage next year!

Have you had a chance to walk around and explore the festival a bit?

Leon: Not really unfortunately. I’m going to the main stage after we’ve wrapped up here.

Matty: Gonna see the boys from Parkway Drive!

Leon: Yeah, we’ll see Parkway Drive. And Powerwolf!

You definitely need to go and check out the festival ground, the Wackinger village is incredible.

Leon: Now that we have played, it is a bit more of a relaxing vibe. When we got here it was just chaos, it’s like a whole city. There is a hospital, a police station, there’s a supermarket, there is a 7 kilometre beer pipeline! We played Rambling Man in the UK, but Wacken is a new beast. We have never seen anything like it!

If you had to describe Wacken in three words, what would you say?

Leon: I’m gonna say ‘Fuck-In-Insane’!

Matty: Town full of zombies!

Leon: That’s four words!

Matty: I’ve never been good at maths, that’s why I play guitar!

As we were saying earlier, next time you come back you will be playing on one of the bigger stages, so if you could pick a band that would play before and after you, who would you pick?

Leon: Wacken is a very metal and rock orientated festival, so I would probably like to play with ‘Rage Against The Machine’. I feel they would be a great fit here. They can play before us.  And after us – Metallica.

Matty: Before me, I would say our mates Dave Lupton’s band ‘Flaming Wreckage’, they’re awesome. And playing after us,  I’d say ‘Billy Talent’.

Leon: Ian D’Sa from Billy Talent who is a dear friend and who also produces our records, he said to us ‘Even Billy Talent haven’t played Wacken, but you guys are playing Wacken!’. That’s insane!

Tell me more about the story behind your band name, as obviously you are not lazy, you are constantly touring.

Leon: We are pretty lazy on the road, we don’t listen to music in the band van. There is no real communal music as there is always so much happening.

Matty: The quiet time that you get is actually nice, as we’re usually always in a ‘Go-Go-Go-Mode’ and we tend to be very loud.

Leon: The Lazys for me and Matty as well, we founded the band over 13 years ago, it is a way of life for us now. It is about seeing faces that enjoy rock music and wanna see real rock and play rock. We love younger bands, we love bands that are bigger than us. We have nothing else to do with our life, apart from this. It is true. I get bored, I hate 9-5.

How did you meet?

Matty: I was playing in a little group before and Leon was playing a band before and we needed a singer, so we met up.

Leon: We met up. The honest answer is, Matty used to pick me up from the train station when we were like 17 / 20 years old and we just talked.

As you are playing in a band you develop your own life outside of it, but what would stick with me in terms of Matty is, that we would always have conversations of what we wanted to achieve. Our ambitions and our passion.

Matty: And where we sit now, here on the holy ground in Wacken, was the ambition!

Leon: Exactly, and we would talk about it. Like ‘Maybe one day we play a major European festival…’

Matty: And we did it!

Let’s talk a bit about touring. It seems like you are constantly on tour. Doesn’t that ever get tiring?

Leon: Yes. One hundred percent! The thing about touring is you have to take the good with the bad.

What would you say are the lows and the highs?

Leon: The highs are today, breaking new markets, seeing new faces and impressing them to the point they wanna come back!

Matty: And the lows are when you are tired, and you have to carry your own gear and do the loading, up to the long drives, but it is all worth it, as like today, you see the results.

Leon: The lows are also, for me, in my own head. ‘Are they’re gonna show up?’. We are not a band yet where we know it is gonna sell out. I mean that’s the luxury. If you sell out a show!

We did a tour earlier this year and in Germany especially, we sold out six shows. I remember just being like ‘That’s the most amazing feeling’ because it is almost easy. But when you have to break other markets and are always thinking ‘Do people actually give a shit?’ it takes its toll.

Matty: We are always thinking, a lot. To ourselves.

What do you do, if you’re nervous or a feeling bit anxious?

Matty: You just go on and fucking grab your nutsack and do it. Everyone’s got their own way of dealing with it.

Leon: You know what, the biggest thing is, you gotta keep positive because otherwise the negatives spreads through the camp.

Matty: Just keep going. Keep fucking going!

What was your favourite show that you ever played?

Leon: Wacken. 2019. We got the tattoo to prove it! We rocked up at the tattoo parlour and were just like ‘Book us in!’. We knew what this meant. Playing Wacken Open Air meant the world to us.

Despite all the touring, is there new music coming at some point?

Both: Yap!

Matty: We are writing now!

Leon: Our record ‘Tropical Hazard’ is still relevant now but we have toured that album since the start of last year and now we are seeing the benefits of that, but we’re mindful that we need knew music.

Matty: And we’re fucking pumped to do it! It’s not hard!

If you would ever have the chance to do a split EP with an artist of your choice, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

Leon: Fuck!

……. SILENCE …….

Matty: Foo Fighters!

Leon: If I could work with James Hetfield or Lars Ulrich from Metallica that would be amazing. Or actually another band, Rammstein! I would like to meet Till.

When I was at 2000 Trees festival in the UK, last month I chatted to The Bottom Line and they have a question for you! Would you rather fight one horse sized chicken, or a hundred chicken sized horses?

Matty: I would go a hundred chicken sized horses.

Leon: You know what I would do, I would do an Indiana Jones, you know when the guy comes out and just shoots. One horse sized chicken is not a good look!

Thank you so much for your time lads!

Talking to Matty and Leon was so much fun. Just seeing them being overjoyed by the fact that they just played Wacken was something special, plus they are super nice human beings aswell!
I really hope to catch The Lazys again soon, regardless on what stage, they always rock!


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