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She moves in her own way…

I was at the pub when I received the mail ‘Congratulations – you have won tickets to see The Kooks at the Vevo Go Show tomorrow’. Wow – in utter disbelieve I stared at my phone, tomorrow was going to be such a great night.

Next day after work I made my way up north to meet my friend in Kensal Green. Never been to Kensal Green before – this was quite the adventure.
The walk from the station was about 15 minutes long and we were pretty excited about the upcoming show. Both having listened to The Kooks throughout our teens and the thought about to see them play a small intimate gig in London got us pumped.

Upon arrival we were greeted with some delicious cocktails as the gig was sponsored by Malibu – who ever had this idea, you are brilliant. The ‘Loft Studios’ was the perfect location with an outside area for all the smokers and cocktail lovers and the actual concert room was small enough to make this concert worthwhile.

At 9pm sharp the guys came on stage and the crowd was thrilled. They kicked things off with ‘Eddie’s Gun’ followed by one of the new songs ‘Down’. The crowd was oh so familiar to the beautiful indie tunes and were singing and dancing along. Everyone absolutely lost it, when the guys played the well-loved ‘Around town’ and ‘Naive’.

The Kooks Vevo Go Show The Kooks Vevo Go Show
The atmosphere was buzzing despite the room reaching a rather tropical climate everyone was just totally having it. It was hot, it was sticky, it was cramped but nobody cared during the roughly three Minutes of ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’.

The Kooks Vevo Go Show The Kooks Vevo Go Show
All in all, the set was a perfect mixture of old smash hits and new ones, who will probably go down the same route.
I had a brilliant time at the gig and can’t wait for what The Kooks will drop next! I reckon their new album is rather epic.


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