The Unsigned Music Awards – Interviewing Tiny Folds

Ahead of the Unsigned Music Awards, I got to have a little chat with the lovely chaps from ‘ Tiny Folds‘ !

Hi Tiny Folds, thanks for making some time to chat ahead of the UMAs tonight.

For people who may have not heard of you guys before, would you mind introducing yourselves?

Jordan: We’re Tiny Folds, a synth-pop band from Teignmouth in Devon and we have been going since 2014.

We are three friends that have decided that we wanted to make music together and it has gone from there, really. We’ve been supported by BBC Introducing, we played the BBC Introducing stage at festivals and are pleased to be here today at the Unsigned Music Awards.


How did you come up with the band name ‘Tiny Folds’?

Elliot: I get asked this question a lot! But I never really know the answer to it.

Jordan: Really? I came up with the band name when we used to play in a band together when we were sixteen and when we split up I wanted to do a new project with a cool name.

But couldn’t think of what it was gonna be. I remember looking at these pictures of Origami’s and was like ‘ That’s a cool name – Tiny Folds!’.  Our original logo was an Origami bear. So that’s where the name Tiny Folds comes from. We since ditched that logo but the name stuck. It is catchy and a bit weird.

You are nominated for ‘Best Rock Act’, how does it feel? Did you celebrate your nomination or played it cool when you got the news?

Elliot: It’s been a very overwhelming year for us. Like Jordan just said, we are just three mates that really dig our music. It’s been really overwhelming with the things we experienced, like with Radio 1, playing the ‘Big Weekend‘ and being supported very heavily by Scott & Chris, that has been great.  To be here tonight is just amazing.

Tom: It tops off the year. We had a bit of a rough patch at the end of last year, when we were trying to find out what was the next thing that we wanted to do and then we wrote some new songs, knew exactly where we were going and then the ‘Big Weekend‘ as well as the UMAs happened.

It is just the perfect end to year. We’re gonna go a bit quiet now, write some new songs and just hope that tonight is the foundation for next year.

What are your thoughts on the Unsigned Music Awards? Do you think events like the Unsigned Music Awards are vital in today’s music industry or are they just a nice bonus?

Tom: No, I think they are really important. It is hard when you are an unsigned band. Sometimes it is hard to get anywhere and then you start to gradually get support from the likes of BBC Introducing. And events like the UMAs are just a really good way to meet other people.

Jordan: We’re just three guys, We’re on our own. We don’t have a manager. It  can be hard to motivate yourself sometimes and things like the Unsigned Music Awards is what keeps people going.


You have just released your EP ‘The Wait’ to the world and have been playing the new songs to your fans live. Is there already a song in the run up for the next fan favourite?

Elliot: I am not sure, and I think the other two will agree.  With the EP and the four songs, they are just very very different from each other. They all sound completely different. But there is that central gravity point to them all. In the centre of the songs you can just really tell that it is us – Tiny Folds – that have done them.

Jordan:  ‘On Your Own’ is our lead single and it is just taking on from where we were with ‘Arcadia‘ and ‘Glamorous‘. And ‘Stay‘, we enjoy playing it live. It is a fun song to play and I think people that will come and watch us play will enjoy that song too. These two songs may be the ones, but the other two ones are good as well.


What was the best moment of your career till now?

Elliot: There’s been so many great ones.

Tom:  Gotta be ‘Big Weekend‘.

Jordan: Headlining the BBC Introducing stage at the Radio 1 ‘Big Weekend‘.


The year is already drawing to an end, so do you have any big plans or dreams for 2017?

Tom: We are writing loads of new stuff, we got a couple of singles planned for next year. There is nothing solid yet, but we will be continuing to work with BBC Introducing and the UMAs.

We’re just gonna use tonight and everything else that has happened this year as a platform to build upon for next year. But obviously going one step further each time. Every year we have been around, we have gone one step further, so we are just hoping that 2017 plays the same way.

Elliot: We are still pretty new to this and are still pretty young. We got a lot of time to develop where we wanna go and find out what is right for us. We don’t wanna bombard people with singles, we’d rather just take small steps at a time, steps that are right for us on our own.


And last but not least, do you have any advice that you would give other unsigned acts?

Tom: You will beat yourself up all the time, cause that is just what musicians do.

Jordan: You will write a song and think ‘ This is really good’ and then you listen to it a week later and be like ‘ Nah, that’s shit.’ But don’t listen to yourself, cause you know when it is good. And just stick with it and keep the faith, meet people and be nice to them.

Elliot: That’s it. Be the nicest, happiest humbling person you can, because nobody likes an arsehole. Just be yourself and enjoy it.

Tom: You have to be self-critical but don’t lose faith in yourself.


Thanks for the great chat Tiny Folds!

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