The return of the mighty LONELY THE BRAVE

On Saturday 13th October 2018, the new era for Lonely The Brave begun. Returning back to the stages and limelight like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Cambridge based alternative rock band took to stage at London’s Omeara.

Showcasing their new lead singer to an excited crowd of 300 fans, family and friends this wasn’t just your usual ‘welcome back’ gig, it was much more than that! Having announced their new lead singer Jack Bennett in August, after keeping quiet after David Jakes departure from the band earlier this year, I couldn’t have been more excited when I heard the news about who was gonna step into Dave’s footsteps.

And even though it was Dave’s voice that made me fall in love with Lonely The Brave in the first place, it was the same when I heard Jack sing for the first time. I still remember vividly how I stumbled into the forest at 2000 Trees Festival a few years ago, looking for shelter from the rain, only to find Jack performing acoustic as Grumble Bee.

Fast forward to Saturday night, there I was stood in front of the stage in the tiny yet magnificent Omeara, surrounded by uber excited Lonely The Brave fans who couldn’t contain their excitement about the bands return. Some of them having gone above and beyond and came equipped with self-made shirts that read ‘Welcome Back Lonely The Brave‘ at the front and ‘About Fucking Time‘ on the back. And hell yes, they were right! It was about time!

At around 8:30pm that night, the new age of Lonely The Brave started when Jack Bennett stepped out onto the stage opening up the night with LTB’s biggest hit ‘Backroads‘. No one knew what would happen and how the fans would react to the new singer, but I guess no one was prepared what happened next.

As soon as hearing the first chords of ‘Backroads‘ the crowd went crazy, instantly singing back the lyrics that made so many fall in love with Lonely The Brave’s unique sound all these time ago. At points the crowd was so loud, they even drowned out Jack on stage! After that it was clear that everyone in the room was excited to see Jack on vocals and the continuous ‘Go on Jack!‘ cheers didn’t die down throughout the entirety of the set.

Having made it through the first song Jack couldn’t stop smiling! The rest of the band looking proudly at their new lead singer like big brothers that genuinely wanted their little brother to succeed.

All the hype about the new vocalist aside, the rest of the band has never looked happier to be back on stage. Guitarist Mark Trotter donning a massive smile throughout their set same as Ross Smithwick on guitar at the other end of the stage. Even Gavin Edgeley better know as just ‘Mo’ to the fans, who is usually well hidden behind the drums, was looking like a bundle of joy, happy to be in front of the fans again.

What followed next was a wild show of greatest hits, declarations of love from the fans to the band and the other way around. Giving the fans what they wanted Lonely The Brave returned to stage with a glorious set list of their biggest hits. Performing ‘Trick Of The Light‘ , ‘Deserter‘ and ‘Victory Line‘ from their debut album ‘The Days War‘ nestled in well between the massive ‘Black Mire‘ and the gorgeous ‘Diamond Days‘ from sophomore album ‘Things Will Matter‘ left no wish unfilled.

With the help of the fans Jack Bennett sang his heart out, putting everything he had to offer into the songs and it worked. For everyone that was afraid that the band wouldn’t be the same anymore without Dave’s rare voice, I can tell you that Jack has his own special voice to bring to the table, and it fits the Lonely The Brave style just perfectly.

Having Jack on vocals changes the stage dynamics completely. While Dave used to be at the back of the stage, hidden away due to his crippling stage freight, Jack goes out there. Owning the stage, reaching out the fans, delivering nothing but a captivating performance.

Yes, the band has changed, we all do. Evolving, growing up, dealing with issues changes people and that’s totally fine. To anyone who is still in two minds about the new set up, do yourself a favour and go and see the band live when you can.

I for myself can only say that I am incredibly lucky that I got to witness the beautiful marriage of Lonely The Brave and Jack Bennett. It couldn’t have been a better place, a better time and not a better crowd.

The way we all welcomed our boys back and at the same time welcomed Jack to the team with open arms was just an unbelievable experience, that I am so lucky to be part of.

I can’t wait for Lonely The Brave to continue this new chapter and surprise us with new music and show us that the magic about Lonely The Brave has just started to grow into something huge!

Welcome to the family Jack! ♥


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