The New Coast // @ Thousand Island London \\ The Review

What best to do on a cold snowy November night than to forget about the miserable cold by drowning yourself in some sweet summery indie pop?

Thankfully ‘The New Coast‘ provided the perfect soundtrack as they headlined ‘Thousand Islands’ in London. The venue was packed and warm, a nice distraction from the outside as the London based duo took to stage.

Flooding the venue with a warm red colour Nick Blyth and Chris Cheater brought the summer back for their London show.

Kicking things off with the indie pop banger ‘Sleeptalk‘ the pair instantly has the full attention of the crowd. Their infectious indie pop tunes are a serious throwback to summer and those carefree summer nights that have been spent roaming the festival grounds.

The New Coast have already managed to created their very own signature sound consisting of heartfelt vocals and tropical indie pop tunes.

Being properly chuffed with the reactions of the fans, The New Coast take it down on a notch with the gorgeous ‘Slow Down‘. Throughout the entire set the band reaches out as often as possible to their fans, with lead singer Nick Blyth getting up close and personal with the crowd on numerous occasions, very much to the liking of the fans

This night is a celebration of the good times with the band on stage brimming over with excitement and joy and the fans in front of it singing back the lyrics that made them fall in love with The New Coast in the first place.

Treating the London audience to something special The New Coast give their recent single ‘Caught‘ the live treatment. The song is cheeky up beat track that takes you on a journey through Nick’s memories of a trip to Madrid. The New Coasts ‘Caught‘ transports you back to warm spring nights that dream of distant melancholia.

The crowd at Thousand Islands agrees and dances along to the groovy synth pop track.

‘Me and Chris couldn’t be happier about this tonight!’ lead singer Nick Blyth addresses the room, ‘Thanks so much for coming to see us London!’. The two lads thank their fans several times before introducing their last song. Wrapping things up in an epic finale The New Coast perform their hit ‘Lost in Your Love‘ and have hundreds of happy faces singing their hearts out one last time that night.

There couldn’t have been a better way to finish off a successful year with such a great London set.

One thing is certain, this wasn’t the last you heard of The New Coast! They are coming to get you in 2018!

Better be prepared and check them out now!


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