The Great Escape 2018 – Interviewing WHENYOUNG

On the first day of the Great Escape Festival, I caught up with new dreamy indie sensation whenyoung ahead of their banging set at The Haunt. I met Aoife Power (bass and vocals) , Niall Burns (guitar) and Andrew Flood (drums) backstage  and we talked about their musical roots, moving around a lot and their love for Blondie!

Get to know this awesome trio, as whenyoung will be popping up on loads of festival line ups this year.


Hey whenyoung, hope all is well.

We are in Brighton today, just before your about to hop on stage at The Great Escape Festival. You must be excited!

Aoife: Yeah we are really excited! It’s so nice to be down here in Brighton on a sunny day.


Do you feel festival slots differ a lot from headline shows?

Aoife: It doesn’t really make a difference to what we do on stage. It’s the same performance wise.

Andrew: The atmosphere is different. We play a bit looser I think. And everyone is in a festival mood, so it’s always good fun!

Aoife: We played Live At Leeds and the atmosphere was so so good!

Niall: People drink more and the sun does the rest, haha!



You are originally from Limerick in Ireland, then moved to Dublin and eventually ended up in London. Did all that moving around nurture your musical progress or has it been more of a hindrance?

Aoife: We always wanted to move. Limerick is quite a small city and we all always wanted to go to Dublin, go to a bigger city and then eventually move to London. We love big cities! We were even saying the other day ‘Maybe we should go to New York’ and then go bigger and bigger.

Niall: And then the moon! 😀

Andrew: I think travel does broaden the mind and does inspire us.

Niall: But all the moving didn’t make it more difficult for us as we have never been a band until we moved to London. We have never played together in Dublin or Limerick.


In which of the three cities are the roots of whenyoung?

Aoife: Limerick and London.

Andrew: We formed as a band in Hackney, so definitely London.


Speaking about your music, you recently released a self directed video for your new single ‘The Collector’. Which is a beautiful piece of art that follows each of you through your daily life. Where did the inspiration for the ‘unity in being individual’ came from?

Aoife: Initially we wanted to capture a day in someone’s life and how everyone is doing the same. Sometimes you find it hard to relate to each other when technically you have the same similar basic needs and wants or even sometimes you feel lost. We used this storyline to make people feel closer to each other.

The song and the video are born from a film from this French director called Eric Rohmer. His style is just very easy and slow paced and his films capture the beauty of every day moments.


All your songs give of a beautiful feeling of nostalgia, is this something that you anticipated?

Aoife: We are never happy with the song until it feels a little bit euphoric. We don’t want to sound cocky but we want it to be an adventure where you reach a moment of happiness, even when the lyrics sometimes contradict that.

Niall: The euphoric and happy feeling does tie in with nostalgia, because nostalgia is usually a happy feeling. I don’t think we want to look backwards in a musically way, but I guess nostalgia isn’t really doing that.

Andrew: A loose use of the term of nostalgia I’d say. We don’t use nostalgia to inspire our songs.


Does your band name hold any special meaning?

Aoife: There is an Irish band called ‘Whipping Boy’, they never got really big even though they should have. They have a song called ‘When We Were Young’  which we all like, also the album that it is on. And I guess we kind of just liked the lyric.

Andrew: It took us a while until we all agreed and by then we played around with the lyric a bit until we liked how it looked as a just one word.


As we are at a festival today, which bands dead or alive are on your bucket list to see live?

Niall: In three weeks were are playing a show with Patti Smith, which would be my number one.

Aoife: The Clash, Blondie.

Andrew: The Clash, probably.


And last but not least, if you could cherry pick, which band would you love to go on tour with?

Andrew:  Good question! They would have to be fun people not just good musicians.

Niall: Superfood! Because the tour we did with them was soooo fun!

Aoife: The Killers! I wanna go on tour with the Killers!

Niall: We just wanna go on tour with Blondie to be honest.


Thanks for your time!







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