The Great Escape 2018 – Interviewing PEANESS

During my hectic gig chase at The Great Escape Festival I was also faced with barely making it into the venue, standing at the far back, unable to see a thing. As annoying as it is when you can’t see a thing, you focus more on the actual music. This is what happened when I tried to see the amazing ladies from Peaness at their TGE slot down at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar. Thankfully I had the chance to catch up with Balla, Jess and Rach after their packed set.

Here’s us chatting about Avril Lavinge, Feminism and the Beatles!


Hi ya ladies, you’ve just come off stage from your wicked TGE show. I couldn’t see a thing as it was so packed, but you sounded well good. You must be ecstatic!

Rach: It was really great! I didn’t expect it to that busy!

Balla: Great! Still buzzing off of that!

Jess: We had people saying it’s ‘one in one out’ before we went on stage. Don’t tell us! We are already nervous and if it’s so busy I don’t wanna hear about it.


Does that put extra pressure on you?

Jess: Yeah it does! I’m wondering why are all these people coming to see us? It’s mad!

Rach: I kept going to the toilet before we went on stage and I could see more people coming in and I was like ‘Oh goooood, more people!’ 😀


How does it feel to be part of such prestigious event like The Great Escape?

Rach: It’s our first time this year!

Jess: It’s a bit of a funny one, because it is such an industry event and sometimes it’s a bit pompous just because there are so many fancy people walking about.

Rach: We have been sooo excited as we wanted to play The Great Escape Festival for ages. As you said, it is such a big name to play and it means a lot. I suppose, we are just not used to the whole industry thing. We have been very involved in the DIY scene for a long time, so we if have music industry people turning up at our gigs we can get a bit confused.


You describe your music as pea-pop, can you elaborate?

Rach: Someone else actually called us that! And we were like ‘Yeah that’s good!’. When we first released our EP we had one of our friends write a review about us and he described it as pea-pop. And we agreed that we are taking that.

Jess: I guess that is whatever we sound like. Kind of like indie, sunshine fuzzy pop!



Let’s face it, your band name is quite unique. Please tell me there is a great story to it!

Jess: Nor really. It started out a bit as a joke. We never really intended it to be taken seriously and then once we released something, we just decided to keep it and we are still here now, with the same name.


You have just played two of new songs today, is there a new EP on the horizon?

Jess: Yes we did! We are just writing a lot at the moment.

Balla: It’s all in the pipeline!


Where do you get the inspiration for new songs from?

Balla: Just everywhere! Stuff we talk about, stuff that annoys us….

Jess: Relationships, friendships, world issues. It could be anything really!

Rach: Ugly Veg 😀


We are almost half way through 2018 and festival season is just about to kick off, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Balla: We are going to Paris for a show which is really exciting.

Jess: Our first international show! It’s in September and we are already excited. And then obviously we have the recording coming up as well, so that’s gonna be good.


You are a band of three awesome ladies killing it in the music industry; do you feel you sometimes get pigeonholed into the ‘all-female band’ category? How does that make you feel?

Rach: We are really bored of that to be honest. We describe ourselves as a three piece band. And it doesn’t matter what gender you are it shouldn’t be a contributing factor, because it doesn’t contribute to your music. And nobody would point out if it’s a male fronted or an all male band, so you shouldn’t be doing that with girls either.

Balla: I think we have done well so far to avoid being pigeonholed.

Jess: We do get a lot of gig offers for ‘all female events’, which is great. It is just difficult to know what the best thing is for feminism and equality. In terms of, if we should or should not be doing these shows for that matter. It is a very confusing and difficult topic to fully understand what the right thing to do is, to be honest.


If you could change one thing about it, what would you like to change?

Rach: If you are going to pigeonhole, pigeonhole it into genres and what the music actually sounds like as supposed to what the person looks like.

Jess: I understand that some people prefer a female singer, as the tone and voice is obviously different but when it comes to the whole band, you wouldn’t know the difference if it is a man or a woman playing the drums or the guitar. So just stop commenting on it.

Who were your musical heroes when you grew up?

Rach: Avril Lavigne. I just have to admit that.

Jess: We probably all wouldn’t have wanted to be in a band if it wasn’t for her debut album ‘Let Go’.

Balla: She kinda kicked a thing off for all girls that wanted to rock.


If it was Avril back in the days, who do you now look up to?

Balla: Courtney Barnett. We are going to see her soon. We are actually going to watch a gig as a band rather than playing one.

Rach: We went to see Death From Above together a couple of times, so that was an inspiration as well.


And last but not least, if you could collaborate with any band dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

All: The Beatles!

Jess: They are great! They are just the perfect pop band, and I love Paul McCartney!


Thanks for your time ladies!


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