The Great Escape 2018 – Interviewing ORCHARDS

The sun is finally out again, (let’s hope it stays that way) and getting every music lover into proper festival mood! Thankfully The Great Escape festival is just around the corner to help out on the music front!

But before we all make our way down to the sea side, let’s get to know Brighton based band ORCHARDS!

I had a chat with guitarist Sam from the band ahead of the festival, and here’s what he had to say!


Would you mind introducing ‘ORCHARDS’ to the readers of ‘Mels Jukebox’ in 5 words?

A weird pop party band.


You describe your genre as ‘Glittery Gateway Drug’ which sounds very intriguing. Could you elaborate a bit more?

We like to think of our music as a ‘gateway’ because we try to mix mainstream pop sensibilities with more left field influences, for example we’ve just come off a tour with an emo/punk band and in June we’re playing with Rolo Tomassi who are like heavy mathcore! So these wouldn’t be our usual demographics but we have so many people come up to us who “only listen to heavy stuff” and now dance along to our glittery pop tunes!


Orchards are from Brighton, does that make you’re The Great Escape performance extra special in terms of it being a home crowd gig?

Yes! Brighton always has such an amazing buzz around it when The Great Escape begins and it’s been something that we’ve enjoyed for years now. We’ve played Alternative Escape before but this is the first time doing the official Escape so we’re going to make it a big one! Plus, we’ve got so many friends playing this year it’s nice them all coming to our hometown for a party!

As we have just discussed you are TGE locals, I am sure you have been roaming the festival grounds before. What’s your best TGE festival memory from the past? Any special gigs / artists that you saw in the last years?

Our vocalist Lucy saw The 1975 play in a TINY room in 2013 as well as seeing London Grammar and Tom Odell play in a church, so they were all pretty fucking special! I (Sam) have really enjoyed the Alt Escape to be honest, I feel that being from Brighton you get to find out about a few more secret shows, like I saw The Wytches play in a practice room for about 30 people which was great.


Do you think that new music festivals like ‘The Great Escape Festival’ are still needed in today’s music industry where new music can be discovered and streamed anytime anywhere?

Totally! TGE draws so many people to Brighton who wouldn’t usually come here, I guess this is where the Alt Escape helps too. Bands that don’t have a booking agent, who might struggle to get some shows in London can play these small stages which are free entry and any industry people can go and see them. I know bands who’ve just rocked up to play a free show and it just so happens that an agent or manager is having a drink in that pub, one thing leads to another and that band has just made a connection that could really help them progress their career!

TGE brings incredible artists to Brighton, the fact that people can stand in front of these artists and actually see them and experience their show makes it a totally different experience from just streaming them on “New Music Friday” or something like that.


If time allows, who will you be catching live at #TGE18?

It’s just going to be an excuse to have a drink with all our friends this year! Idles (who EVERYONE should try and catch), COIN, King Nun, Queen Zee, Demob Happy, The Magic Gang, Wild Front as well as our label mates Gender Roles & Nervus!


You have recently signed to the label Big Scary Monsters and have released your new single “Luv You 2”; which is a poppy alt rock banger! Can you let us know where you draw your inspiration from?

Well we all come from really different musical backgrounds, personally I’m really into 2000s indie, like throw me a bit of Bloc Party, Klaxons & Yeah Yeah Yeahs then I’m happy, however mine and our bass player Dan’s last band was sludge metal so go figure. Our drummer Will grew up on The Mars Volta, Incubus and The Fall of Troy whilst Lucy was totally musical theatre and Classic Rock!

We all love Everything Everything & Foals so this is where a lot of our inspiration, in terms of genre mixing, comes into play.

We realised that this was where all our vastly different influences met, and we started producing the sound we do now.


After the label signing what is next on the musical calendar for Orchards this year? Any more music coming our way soon?

We’ve just announced that we’ll be releasing  a new EP called ‘Losers/Lovers‘ via Big Scary Monsters on 6th July! We’ve got some more songs coming but we’re not ready to let you all know about them just yet!


Thanks a lot Sam! See you on the sea side!


You can catch ORCHARDS live at #TGE18 on Thursday 3:15pm at THE HOPE AND RUIN.





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