The Great Escape 2018 – Interviewing ODD COUPLE

Next week it finally all kicks off in Brighton with the return with the mighty The Great Escape Festival! Time to introduce another amazing band that will be hitting the sea side town with their tunes.

Get to know the great ODD COUPLE from Berlin. Blending garage rock with a wild mix of German and English lyrics they are a force to be reckoned with.

Ahead of their two TGE sets I sat down with Jascha and Tommo to find out more about their first gig and band history.


Hi Jascha and Tammo,

Could you introduce your band Odd Couple to the readers of Mels Jukebox?

Jascha: Hello, we are just another band.


You have known each other for most of your lives, does that make working with each other easier or do you find yourself sometimes bickering like an old married couple?

Jascha: In most cases it does make it easier to work together. We found our ways in not ending up behaving like an old couple – even though it is tempting sometimes 😉

Tammo:  When you grew up together, lived together and played in every band together you see each other every day. I think we are profiting more from this,  rather than having problems because of this.


Do you recall the earliest moment of you two making music together?

Jascha: Actually in the kindergarten using pillows of all kinds of forms and shapes as instruments performing for the other kindergarten children. We did play Torfrock’s  ‘Beinhart Wien Rocker’.


Odd Couple songs are a wild mix of German and English lyrics, which is a rather unusual approach. Why did you decide to go bilingual?

Jascha: We did not decide anything it just happened and felt right. Each song is different.

Tammo: As German is our mother tongue we can go way more into detail. Our songs often have an ironic level and this is easier to reach in your mother tongue. Even though I still think that certain voice lines need to have English lyrics, because you can use the words in a more flexible way. English is just way smoother.


Do people outside German speaking territories actually understand your songs and sing them back to you at gigs?

Jascha: Some people do yes!

Tammo: Yes. I think for some people outside of German territories, the German language can give an interesting and alien-like feel. But actually a lot of German people also don`t understand the lyrics. That’s my fault – looks like I tend to mix the voice to low. The funny thing is, before we sung so much in German no one had a problem with it.



Your music videos tend to be amazing short films, like your recent one for ‘ Yada Yada’. What was the inspiration for this particular masterpiece?

Jascha: The director Maximilian Wiedenhofer had the idea of the video. We did not understand his approach in the beginning but we did trust him and are very happy about this video now.

Tammo: The lyrics are basically about, how or if you can actually influence your own way and the pros and cons of letting go and let life make decisions for you. Max interpreted this in his own way and as far as I understand it, Wilson (the main character in the video) tries to get rid of the puppet and ends up being slaughtered by it. Life comes roaring back at you… that’s how I understand it at least.


What does it mean for Odd Couple to be part of the prestigious The Great Escape festival?

Jascha: I am actually not happy to drive all the way from Berlin by car but I do hope we gonna be able to share our music with some new people.

Tammo: I guess I have nothing to add to this.


Any bands that you will be checking out whilst at The Great Escape?

Jascha: Check out Ilgen Nur!

Tammo: I didn’t check the line-up yet. Let`s see.


Many thanks for your time and see you at TGE!


You can catch ODD COUPLE live at #TGE18 on Friday at the HOPE AND RUIN at 3.30pm and later that night at VOLKS at 9.00pm.



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