The Great Escape 2017 – Interviewing INDIGO HUSK

The Great Escape Festival will be hitting Brighton in just 4 weeks time!

It is time to meet some of the acts performing during the festival. I caught up with Joe Hamm from Indigo Husk and found out some really interesting stuff!

Get to know grunge band Indigo Husk and make sure to catch them live on stage during TGE!

Hi Indigo Husk, would you mind introducing your band to the readers of ‘Mels Jukebox’?

Joe: Hello Mel! We are an indie rock/ grunge band from London. We are 19 years old and we like to play songs together.

You describe your musical style as garage rock with jazzy psychedelia and topped with grungy blues, which sounds like a rite musical explosion! Who would you say influences your musical style the most?

Joe: We are influenced by everything and all have different musical interests within the band. However, we are all big fans of The Strokes and Twin Peaks.

You have released a few songs like ‘Misbehave’ and ‘Mockingbird’ back in 2016. Is there a slight chance of an Indigo Husk album being released in 2017?

Joe: You never know! Probably will be next year, though.

What has been the best and the worst experience of being a band so far?

Joe: Best for me personally was supporting Rat Boy in Bristol, the crowd came down early and went crazy and it was lots of fun. Big up Bristol!

Worst was getting stuck on a motorway on the way to a show in Reading and I needed a wee, so I weed in a Starbucks Cup and it overflowed and went all on me. Oops!!!!

You are playing ‘The Great Escape Festival’ in Brighton this year, are you excited to be part of such a prestigious event?

Joe: Yeah! We are gassed! So many great bands playing and I have never been to Brighton, so I can’t wait!

Do you feel new music festivals like ‘The Great Escape Festival’ are still important in today’s digitalised music world?

Joe: Definitely! Performing and building up a personal relationship with people that come to see us will always be incredibly important to us and we are grateful that TGE gives us the opportunity to do that.

Who should we check out at ‘The Great Escape Festival’? What are your recommendations?

Joe: Check out our mates Nilüfer Yanya and  Cosmo Pyke. Lots of sick artists to see!

Thanks Joe! catch you in Brighton!


You can find out more about INDIGO HUSK  here.

And if you fancy coming down to Brighton you can get your tickets here.


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