The Great Escape 2017 – Interviewing Happy Accidents

I caught up with the Happy Accidents just after they played a great set on the last day of The Great Escape Festival. We sat in the sun and chatted about new music, fan girling and a possible collaboration with Kendrick Lamar!


Hey ‘Happy Accidents’, how are you? Fresh off the stage from your TGE performance. You must be buzzing?

Phoebe: Really good!

Rich: I didn’t expect anyone to be there and the room is gigantic. It was cool though. It was busy and everyone was laughing at my jokes – so yeah!

Phoebe: It was like a lunch time gig and it’s still quite early for a gig, but I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout.


How does it feel to be part of TGE?

Phoebe: I really like this festival. I have been to The Great Escape myself, a few years ago. TGE has quite a diverse range of acts on which is quite cool.  It is really cool to play festivals like this, plus ‘Happy Accidents’ really love Brighton.


Do you have any festival goals? In terms of which festivals you would love to play as a band?

Phoebe: I feel like Rich and Neil would have said Reading and Leeds especially when we were teenagers, but we played that festival last year.

Rich: Growing up me and Neil went to Reading and Leeds, but as Phoebe just said, we did that last year. But it would be nice to do that again. And, I guess playing Glastonbury would be nice.


How did Happy Accidents form? Was it a conscious decision to start a band or genuinely a happy accident?

Phoebe: Me and Rich kind of just met through gigs and music stuff in general. We were just playing acoustic for a bit.  I was in a different band at that time but we split up, and Neil (Rich’s brother) happened to play bass. And then we just formed a new band – the Happy Accidents!


Back in 2016 you released your album ‘You Might Be Right’. Have you already gone back to writing new material or are you gonna stick with this album until you feel it’s the right time to release new songs?

Rich: We did a lot of song writing. We got a lot of stuff in the stash! I don’t know when any of that is gonna come out but we are pretty much always writing. Sometimes, I write like for two things ahead, so hopefully something new will be coming soon.


With the album you brought out your own zine, is this something that Happy Accidents fans can look forward to when a new record is being released?

Phoebe: I really like doing zines. It was just a nice little thing to accompany the album with. I’d like to do one again at some point. So, look out for further ones!


Truth be told, who is the most accident prone band member?

Phoebe: I trip up a lot.  And I break stuff the most.

Rich: You are definitely the clumsiest, Phoebe! I get ill the most, though.

Phoebe: Oh and Neil always gets ill on tour. And you Rich, bled once on stage.

Rich: I cut my finger open on my guitar once. Afterwards it looked like a blood bath, but actually it was just the tiniest little cut. But I looked like a badass.


When was the last time you fan-girled or where star struck by someone famous?

Phoebe: I was quite drunk at Reading festival and met this guy called ‘Supervet‘, no one else knew who he was, but he fixes animals that are about to die and no one else can save. He does all this bionic surgery on them. And I was shouting ‘SUPERVET!!!’, but no one else knew him but I guess I was star-struck.

Rich: He was really pleased that someone recognised him.

Phoebe: I don’t normally get star-struck but for some reason I was in that instance.

Rich: The last time that I was actually proper star-struck, I went to Laura Jane Grace acoustic show in Kingston, who is the singer of ‘Against Me!‘. At first I thought, I wouldn’t be star-struck so once it got to the little signing bit afterwards, I didn’t really care. I had nothing to get signed, as I am not really into autographs, but I was just thinking I’ll just hang around and say ‘hello’.

But as soon as I got to the front of the queue, I was a wreck. That was a big moment!


Who would be your dream artist to record a split EP with?

Phoebe: I love Best Coast. We wouldn’t really match with them, because their style is surf-rock, but if they would ask me to do a spilt EP, I would!

Rich: Kendrick Lamar. That would be good. I feel like that could go very well. You know sometimes you have those spilts, where you do one of your own songs and then cover a song from the other artist.  I feel like Kendrick would do a good version of some of our tunes. He might bring a new style to it.

So K-Dot,  if you’re out there, we love you!


It was good chatting to you Happy Accidents! Catch you live soon ☺


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