The Great Escape 2017 – Interviewing GURR

The Great Escape Festival will be hitting Brighton in May, and today even more acts got announced! Time to find out more about some of the bands playing the festival.  I was lucky enough to catch up with the lovely ladies from GURR!

Get to know German garage rock duo and make sure to check out GURR during TGE!

Hi GURR, thanks making some space for me in your busy schedule. Would you mind introducing yourselves to the readers of ‘Mels Jukebox’?

GURR: We are GURR, Andreya and Laura, two girls from Berlin in their mid-twenties that started a band few years ago – after some time touring through Europe’s DIY Garage-scene we started recording our first album and after its release things started to “happen” for us – a label, a booking agency and a lot of press for our record. It’s an amazing experience to be able now to play festivals such as SXSW and The Great Escape in Brighton.

You have released your debut album ‘In My Head’ at the end of 2016, would you like to give a bit more detail about the creation of the record?

GURR: We knew it was time to put out an album finally and started to gather almost all of the songs we’ve ever written, narrowed it down to ten, wrote three more, and decided against another two after recording. Basically like this, packed in a month full of working, going to university and recording at night. It was an all-or-nothing adventure, since we recorded analogue and live as a three-piece. We mostly had two takes and just went with the one that felt better, even if we didn’t hit all the notes right.

Do you feel living in Berlin, the capital of Germany, helps influence your musical style or does the ‘big city life’ sometimes drain your creativity?

GURR: We certainly love the variety of music und cultural events that happen in Berlin. We feel the most comfortable in this city and both can’t imagine moving away – and that is probably already very important for creative processes. It’s inspiring to see other artists develop in skills and style. But it’s also on tour that we find things inspiring – in Linz we played with a band called “La Sabotage” which blew us away, first time in a long time.

Speaking of inspiration, do you have certain artists or people that constantly inspire you?

GURR: It’s nothing constant really, but there are certain films and artists that we discover that give us new inspiration. Laura loves Oasis, Stone Roses but also newer stuff like Ultimate Painting of The Courtneys. Andreya just found Princess Nokia, a little bit of old Mexican music and started watching Magic Mike 2 yesterday which is absurd in so many ways.

You are playing ‘The Great Escape Festival’ for the first time this year, how does it feel to be part of such a great event?

GURR: It’s very exciting! We love Brighton! We have been travelling there in the beginning of our friendship and dreamt of opening a food and roller-skate place on the beach. We’ve been coming back on and off, to visit friends or enjoy this nice beach town. Everyone tells us how cool it is we play TGE, so we are extra excited for it.

Do you think it is important to have festivals that focus on new live music like ‘The Great Escape Festival’ around, in a world where the music industry currently focuses on digital experiences?

GURR: Definitely. We can be very open about this – when we released our album, we counted on being accepted to these showcase festivals. It was actually a high risk because Reeperbahn Festival could have said “no” as well – but playing there put us in touch with so many people that helped us along the way. It’s certainly a different experience than playing a “normal” show, but the way your music reaches people that can help you find a broader audience is unique.

Is there any artist that you are planning catch at ‘The Great Escape Festival’?

GURR: Yes for sure! There are a few. Slaves, because their name can be read everywhere right now, Gothic Tropic, because they have the most hilarious Instagram-Account, Aristophanes, because her collaboration with Grimes was amazing, Cabbage, Childhood, Cherry Glazer, Mystic Braves, Parcels, The Parrots… and these only by browsing through. The whole line-up looks amazing, we can’t find to find new stuff.

Thanks GURR! See you soon in Brighton!


You can find out more about GURR here.

And if you fancy coming down to Brighton you can get your tickets here.



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