The Great Escape 2017 – Day 3 – Festival Highlights

After an even shorter night and a gorgeous sun rise by the beach it was already the last day of TGE!


First band of the day were the lovely Happy Accidents who headed up the Brighthelm Centre. ‘You know The Great Escape is famous for putting big bands into smaller venues, but this today is the biggest room Happy Accidents’ have ever played!’, front man Rich told the audience.

Despite it being the last day of the festival and rather early in the day, a lot of music lovers showed up to see the London trio perform. Their punk rock songs ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Facts & Figures’ were the perfect hangover cure. Upbeat and danceable but not too much to take in.

The three bring you happy indie rock songs with melodies that simply put a smile on your face and make you wanna dance. The two brothers Rich and Neil are joined by Phoebe on the drums who hits the kit like no one else. The fact that Happy Accidents played to a packed room at midday only shows that they are ones to watch. Maybe, some day in the future that Great Escape performance will count to one of their ‘smallest venues we ever played’ experiences.


Alongside the actual ‘Great Escape Festival’ the ‘Alternative Escape’ runs in Brighton as well. Putting on even more shows across the city in rather unusual venues, this part of the festival lets you explore even more talent.

Synth-pop band ‘SKIES’ were playing a rather unconventional stage at the Beyond Retro vintage store in Brighton. How cool is that  a gig in a shop? The Kent duo was super stoked to be part of such a great festival, and Alie Coter and Jericho Tozer played a great show for the festival goers.

With their hits ‘Leave Me’ and ‘Drone’ SKIES make you wonder how just two people can create such big songs and make so much noise. But that is their secret, which will definitely make them go far in the future!

The two gave it their all as they looked down from the high up stage onto the crowd and performed their current single ‘Afterwards’ – such a banger!


Across the city at The Old Market, MarthaGunn were getting ready for their TGE performance. The Playing their hometown, the Brighton based five peace had a great time on stage. MarthaGunn lured a lot of festival goers into The Old Market with their jazzy alt rock tunes.

The band treated the fans to some new material, like their next single ‘Love + Emotion’ which was very well received by the crowd. You can always count on MarthaGunn to put on a great show! After they performed for the ‘First Fifty’  TGE launch shows back in November they have upped their game.

With a freshly signed record deal with Communion Music and a new single on the way, the band was on top form. MarthaGunn owned the stage and the gorgeous vocals of Abi Woodman sounded big that night! They closed their Great Escape set with an epic finale of m two favourite songs, the gorgeous ‘Honest’ followed by the absolute belter ‘Heaven’.

MarthaGunns handcrafted old school rock & roll is always a special treat to look out for!


The sun had set and the last set of the festival was looming as it was time to head to the Brighton Pier to catch The Big Moon. Upon walking over the illuminated pier, the performances of the last days flashed by peaking in ultimate excitement for the last concert of the night.

Horatio’s on the pier was packed and excitement was in the air, as the fans couldn’t wait for The Big Moon to hit the DIY stage. The girls kicked it off with a rowdy performance of ‘Silent Movie Susie’ and after seconds they had the crowd in the palm of their hand!

A few songs down from their debut album ‘Love in the 4th dimension’ , bass player Celia Archer challenged the crowd ‘There has been quite a lot of singing already, but can you dance too?’ just before launching into their break through single ‘Cupid’. Obviously the crowd went wild and showed off their best mosh and dance moves, you’re not gonna let The Big Moon down, right?

And they wouldn’t stop! Throughout the whole set the fans went crazy and sung along at the top of their voices to hits like ‘Formidable’ and ‘Bonfire’. Lead singer Juliette Jackson reminded the crowd just before closing the festival with an epic performance of their smash hit ‘Sucker’,  ‘There is water below us…’ and pointed to her feet, ‘How weird!’.

Yes, seeing a indie rock band totally nailing it in a pub on a pier, above the sea is a weird experience.

But then again, The Great Escape wouldn’t be the same without exactly those stand out moments!


Thanks for the memories The Great Escape Festival. See you again next year for #TGE18!


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Ps: Can we have less rain and more sunshine in 2018 please?

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