The Great Escape 2017 – Day 2 – Festival Highlights

The second day of The Great Escape Festival, started a bit more chilled, after a rather short night.

As we all know, somewhere in Scandinavia lies the secret to incredible successful pop music, and today was the day that rising pop sensation Sigrid was about to share some of that magic.

Heading up the Vevo Garden stage, this time sans rain, she drew a massive crowd, with loads of people eagerly queuing up only to be told that the venue is at full capacity. If that isn’t a sign, of how hyped Sigrid is right now, than I don’t know.

The Norwegian singer lit up the gloomy day with her bright smiles and her amazing stage presence! If you weren’t sure that Sigrid is going to be the next pop princess, than her amazing stripped back performance of ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe‘ surely erased any doubts.


Evening came round and IDER had gathered quite the crowd at Vevo main stage at Wagner Hall. IDER have a special place in my heart, ever since seeing them at The Great Escape ‘First Fifty’ launch shows in November, they have put me under a spell.

Their sound is so unique that it’s hard to pin point. IDER stand for chilled out synth tunes blended with folktronica and crystal clear harmonies. If that doesn’t sound intriguing, what else does?

Lily Somerville and Megan Markwick put on a spell-binding show for #TGE17. They instantly captivated the crowd with their gorgeous harmonies which they showed off in songs like ‘Sorry’ and ‘Face On’. The special moment of the night was when IDER performed ‘Million’. This is the first song I have ever heard of them and I am happy that it was exactly this one.

The unrivalled composition of the song and the raw flawless vocals of Megan and Lily catch you off guard right on the spot and stay with you forever. The ladies both exclaimed their excitement to be playing such a big stage and thanked everyone for showing up.

Compared to when I first saw IDER perform last year, they have come so far! They hit the stage with much more confidence which translates through to the deliverance of the songs. IDER closed down their magnificent set with an acoustic version of ‘Got Me Like An Animal’, which saw the two sing to each other and simply leaving the room speechless with their sheer talent.


By now Queens Road had become a friend of mine, as I headed up to Prince Albert to catch INHEAVEN trash the place. The room upstairs was entirely rammed, with people spilling out the door, trying to catch a glimpse of the London quartet.

Right at the start a massive mosh pit erupted which wouldn’t die down for the remainder of the concert. As ‘Baby’s Alright’ got performed, the moshing intensified and the floor of Prince Albert was shacking so much, one might have wondered if the concert would finish downstairs. ‘The next one is called ‘DRIFT’ ! bassist Chloe Little screamed and the place went nuts again.

Seeing ‘Regeneration’ performed live was my personal highlight, the fans screamed along the lyrics and the band could only revel in the happiness.

The whole gig was the perfect rock soundtrack to your Friday night. It was hot and sweaty, loads of beer was involved and the next big rock band up on stage. What more could you ask for?


Back at Wagner Hall, Rat Boy was getting ready to headline the Vevo stage. Sadly it wasn’t his lucky day, as technical problems stopped his set twice. However, that didn’t stop Rat Boy to put on a proper show. The band was determined to deliver a great set no matter the problems, or some of the rather unfair comments from the crowd.

Puting on a brave face and proving that he can be a professional, Jordan Cardy performed his new single ‘Revolution’ which instantly prompted a mosh pit and a lot of dancing. The festival goers were down to party and nothing was going to stop them! Rat Boy’s hits ‘Sign On’ and ‘Move’ went down an absolute treat and had the fans signing along.

At some point Rat Boy causally jumped into the crowd and continued playing his set from right in the middle of the mosh pit, very much to the liking of the fans and to the horror of the security personnel.

The second night of The Great Escape was closed with ‘Left 4 Dead’ and a big cheer for Rat Boy, who against all odds surprised with an amazing set.


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