SLAVES – live at Record Store Day Launch 2017

To celebrate the launch of the 10th Record Store Day in the UK and the much anticipated list of special releases, punk duo SLAVES hit up London town.

Performing an intimate gig in a teeny tiny venue, with no barriers giving plenty of room for a good old mosh pit, a few hundred fans were in for a massive treat. Ever since the release of their debut album ‘Are You Satisfied?’ back in 2015, Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent have been touring, picking up fans along the way all while the size of stages they were hitting constantly increased.

Taking it back to the roots of a good old punk show in a dark basement, SLAVES played a loud and angry show, getting everyone hot and sweaty and throwing in some joke for good measure.

Opening up their energetic set with ‘White Knuckle Ride’ and ‘Play Dead’ the gig was already off to a great start. Despite having just done a run of US shows, SLAVES were on great form.

‘Sockets’ had the crowd shuffling their feet and just before playing ‘Take Control’ Laurie announced that the same titled sophomore Slaves album will get a special release for Record Store Day 2017.

When introducing ‘Cheer Up London’, Isaac asked the London crowd why everyone is always so miserable in London, to which he instantly got a response from the crowd with one gig goer shouting ‘I’m the miserable face on the tube!’, which had the whole place laughing.

What followed was an intense two and a half minutes of pure carnage. A mosh pit erupted out of nowhere and the crowd had eventually woken up, ready to go wild.

After this apparently much needed wake up call, it was only Tuesday night to be fair, there was no going back. When it was time for ‘Where’s Your Car Debbie?’ the place went into a meltdown. The mosh pit got bigger by the second, beer was flowing while everyone was looking for Debbie’s car.

During ‘The Hunter’ both Isaac and Laurie jumped into the crowd at some point, tearing up the place together with the fans. The energy that kept bouncing back and forth between SLAVES and their fans was unreal.

It is without doubt, that whit such great ambassadors like SLAVES, the 10th anniversary of Record Store Day is destined to be an epic one!






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