How to round up a successful year of touring, festival slots and two new singles?
By finishing the year on a high and bringing out a brand new EP. That’s exactly what synth rock duo SKIES have done!

To celebrate the launch of SKIES new EP ‘We Fear Change‘ the band threw a special EP launch gig in North London at the shiny new Thousand Islands!
Alie Cotter on guitars and Jericho Tozer on drums once again prove that it only takes two talented musicians to make as much noise as a full band set up. SKIES made sure to put the spotlight on their new EP that night, perfectly nestling the new material in with the well known older songs.

The ‘We Fear Change’ EP comes along with four songs that couldn’t be more different when at the same time clearly having ‘SKIES‘ written all over them.
Opening their gig with ‘Afterwards‘, which is also the first track of the new EP, starts of with the familiar synth intro layered with a shredding guitar and loud drums.
During the verse Alie’s vocals ring crystal clear through the venue, before she goes back to pouring her heart out in the chorus.

Second track ‘Hold On‘ comes off as quite the happy synth rock tune, when it is actually a melancholic banger that makes you equally sad but at the same time gets you moving, so much that you just wanna dance all the sadness away.
The track sits within their powerful setlist and highlights what a great live band SKIES are. Their gigs are always fun and full of power with Alie and Jericho always giving their very best!

What you wouldn’t necessarily expect on the EP is a happy feel good tune that is so catchy, it will catch you regardless! ‘Green‘ is probably one of my personal favourites from the entire SKIES repertoire.
Asking all the right questions of this generations twenty somethings, ‘What is wrong with being alone anyway?’ , Alie and Jericho hit the nerve with this energetic track that is probably one of their most poppiest songs.
The infectious chrous will get you shuffling and dancing along as there is simply no escaping from this synth pop banger.

To round their EP launch off, SKIES released a quite dark video for the track ‘Dead‘ just before their EP dropped. The video features the Folkestone duo sitting in a doctors waiting room, singing about how sometimes you are left feeling ‘dead’.
Again, SKIES have mastered the art of blending darker sad lyrics effortlessly with contradicting cheerful synth beats perfectly blended with a rock attitude.

SKIES have given themselves an early Christmas present with the release of ‘We Fear Change’, as it is the perfect way to end the year with an EP that shows what they do best but also lets fans glimpse into the musical future of the band.

Having had the honour of experiencing the EP in full in an amazing live set up I can only wish for 2018 to come as quickly as possible and wish for even more amazing new SKIES music to come.
Oh, a little Elf might have told me that my wish will become true very very soon 😉


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