One Direction – Wembley Stadium 2014

Hello Directioners and music lovers,

so I thought it would be quite cool to write about me going to see One Direction at Wembley on Saturday 7th June.

Right, here we go!

I dragged my sister along with me on this rainy Saturday morning as we made our way to Wembley Park. She wasn’t too keen about me wanting to be really earlier in hope to secure a good spot, she thanked me later.

We arrived at Wembley at around 12pm, already quite a few Directioners were gathered. Some have been camping, others just arrived. It was a nice scene to take in. If you have ever walked up the Olympic Way from Wembley Park station you know how amazing this is.

You walk and with every step you get closer to the arena, happiness arises and you just can’t stop smiling. It’s pretty amazing, Wembley is just massive and just the thought of being a little part of a massive show can send you over the edge. Boom.

After we made our way down the Olympic Way, we looked out for the ‘Blue Zone’ queue. We were given blue wristbands and joined the crowd. Luckily it stopped raining at this point and everyone in the queue was quite relived, especially as half an hour later the sun came out. Yay. Stewards were even handing out sun cream. To be honest, I hate waiting. I am probably the most impatient person ever, it’s just so boring. To fight the boredom I decided to go and explore what Wembley had to offer and I must say, I wasn’t disappointed.

There were little stalls selling cold drinks, warm drinks and some food. Let’s not forget the random people selling merchandise. I am always amazed by the merchandise, you can basically get anything you can think of as merchandise today.

At about  4:30pm the queue started moving and I got pretty excited. Gates opened at 5pm and everyone went crazy. People started to freak out and pushed a bit, in a friendly way. We all just wanted to get in.

Securities guided us in to Wembley and after crossing the turn stiles it was a race. Everyone was running to get on to the pitch as quickly as possible. It was mental. Happiness and pure joy on every face. Even some parents looked quite excited upon entering the arena.

Being at a sold out concert in Wembley, on the pitch, in front of the stage. This is an experience you truly treasure. It’s just so overwhelming to be in such a huge crowd. And – oh god – Wembley is just such an iconic venue. If you have ever been there, you will agree.

Five Seconds Of Summer opened up at some point after 7pm and it was pretty cool I have never seen them live before, neither know I a lot of songs, but quite quickly I found myself singing on the top of my voice.

The crowd went crazy and so did the boys on stage.

As it was a rather hot day, the lovely security guards made sure that we all stay hydrated and kept handing cups of water to the crowd. At this point I would like to give a special shout out to the blue zone for being so nice and handing water to the ones who needed it the most and then patiently waiting for their cup to arrive.

Right, so, were where we? Ah, now the important part.


I think it was about 8:20pm when the band came on stage and the intro was being played. No need to say that the entire Wembley arena went mental. I was quite impressed by how loud some of you can scream. Respect.

And then, it happened. One Direction live on stage. Whooaa.

Louis Tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Wembley Wher We Are Tour WWAT Larry Stylinson 1 Louis Tomlinson One Direction Wembley Where We Are Tour WWAT Harry Styles One Direction Wembley Where We Are Tour WWAT 2 Liam Payne One Direction Wembley Where We Are Tour WWAT

They sung ‘Midnight Memories’ as an opener but if I wouldn’t have had a glance at the Set list upfront I wouldn’t have known as the crowd was just so loud. Which was amazing, by the way.

I was facing a proper struggle as of, I should be filming or taking pictures. I gave both a try, but most videos aren’t that brilliant so, you will have to stick with just photos.

The boys were amazing, they were having a good time on stage and basically bounced up and down the stage and the catwalk that it was pretty difficult to get a half decent picture. Oh well, the problems of going to concerts.

1 Liam Payne Zayn Malik One Direction Wembley Where We Are Tour WWAT 1 Niall Horan One Direction Wembley Where We Are Tour WWAT

My favourite part was when they performed ‘Don’t forget where you belong’, as this is one of my favourite songs. I just love the lyrics and I feel like I can identify with at least 90%. Sadly, I’m not jetting around the globe.  This was when I had quite a moment, I tried to take everything in and just revel in the whole experience. Magic.

Half way through the concert I could see my sister going absolutely nuts and having the time of her life – she would never admit it, but I am 100% convinced that she was happy that I took her to Wembley.

One Direction were performing a pretty nice mix of their new stuff from Midnight Memories but also some gems from their older albums (Rock Me – anyone?).

2 Louis Tomlinson One Direction Wembley Where We Are Tour WWAT 2 Harry Styles One Direction Wembley Where We Are Tour WWAT

The show finished after roughly 2 hours and I think everyone left the arena with a smile on their face.

At this point I didn’t’ even mind that it took us a whooping 45 minutes to get to the tube station.

All in all,  I can say that I don’t regret a minute of this day. Despite being a bit too old to get crazy over a One Direction concert, I happily say that I had the time of my life. And I would do it all over again.

If you are still with me – Thank you! I hope you enjoyed my little essay 🙂

Please feel free to comment, and if you would like to use my photos please be so kind and give me credit.

Muchas gracias,

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