Max Raptor Interview – Albums, Tours 2016 And A Lot Of Love For Switzerland

I got to chat to Wil Ray and Matt Stevenson from Max Raptor after their great performance at 2000trees Festival and we chatted albums, fans, tours and their love for Switzerland.


Hey guys, you were first on today, did you enjoy opening up 2000trees Festival?

Matt: It was wicked! I had an absolutely great time. It’s always nice to come to a festival where everything is nice.  Like the crowd is nice, but also behind the scenes, the sound guys are nice, the crew is nice, everyone here is nice. They’ve got a good PA, everything is great. It is difficult to not have a good show.

Wil: I lowered my expectations, because we were on first. But it was quite packed in there. It was really good!

It is always great to catch you live you exude a lot of energy and passion when performing. Do you find you get this feedback a lot? 

Wil: Yeah, that’s what we feed off. That’s why the shows have so much energy. People giving it, we give it and it’s like a nice relationship we’ve got going on.

Matt: It’s nice as well because we have a very, very mixed crowd. So we don’t just have like a young female audience, or we are not an emo band. We have a real wide range and people kind of get on board with what we are saying. And it always makes it really nice when people are getting involved.


How much does performing live mean to you and is it what you enjoy most as a band?

Wil: Just people having a good time.

Matt: I still find it so overwhelmingly strange when people know your lyrics. Especially when you come to a festival, we have seen people here we have seen before, just the odd face in the crowd and even then. We just released a new album back in April, and even when people are knowing the lyrics to that. You’re like: ‘ Jesus, that’s so strange! ‘Like, it is really strange!

You’ve not long released your new album ( self-titled: Max Raptor), which received great praise and reviews from the press. But how has the general reaction been from your fanbase?

Matt: We haven’t had anyone saying ‘meh’, which is nice. I think what we have always done as a band is that we have never rested on our laurels. We never assumed that we can do something in a certain way and that people will like it. I think that’s boring as you always have to challenge yourself. And again, each album sounds a little different, whether it will be the lyrical content or maybe just the way the songs were structured or the sound of the recording. It is always nice to put something out and having people saying nice things about it.

Wil: I think it’s quite cool to have some people not liking your work; it is cool to get two perspectives. But people seem to dig the last album and so far I haven’t seen any bad reviews.


How far do you think you guys have come since the release of your previous album, Mothers Ruin. Both musically and in terms of the size of the band?

Wil: I think for recording, we try out new stuff and new sounds. And the way we record and the way we write has changed a bit, because we are now all in different places. But when it comes down to our live shows, they are the most important thing, because the live shows are what represents us. That will always be the same. It is fine being in the studio. I really enjoy writing, it’s nice putting tracks down but the main thing is how people respond to them.


What’s planned for the rest of 2016?

Matt: We are going to head out to Europe for some dates, which is really cool. In late October and hopefully we will visit some places that we haven’t played before. We’re going to jump into Czech Republic, play some club shows in Austria and in Switzerland, where we have played before. So that is gonna be cool.


Is there any specific city or country that you are particularly excited about?

Both shout: Switzerland!

Matt: Switzerland is really cool, mainly because we have played shows in Switzerland before. So a few people know who we are. And we always get a nice reception there. Having said that, Bern is a good city to play in. A good friend of ours ‘Yannick’ he promotes a place called the ‘ Reitschule’ which is amazing. And that’s a really, really cool place to play.

There are some really cool German cities that we would like to play. For example, Berlin is amazing and Dusseldorf is great.

Thanks for the chat guys.



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