Joseph J. Jones – CRAWL single launch

Who has one of the best voices out there?

Jospeh J. Jones for sure!

The massively talented singer performed a special intimate show last night at London’s Omeara, showcasing his new single ‘Crawl’.

Looking like the 1950s got nothing on him and he has just been hanging out with Johnny Cash, Joseph J. Jones takes to stage, ready to wow the crowd.

The uncanny resemblance with the famous Johnny Cash, one of Joseph’s main influences, shines through as soon as Joseph J. Jones starts singing.  Joseph doesn’t only have the looks of good old Johnny boy, he also has his musical talent and a golden voice.

Joseph’s deep soulful voice fills the room with so many raw emotions, that it is impossible to tear your eyes away from the stage.

Opening up with the heartfelt ‘Stay‘, Joseph J. Jones lures the audience in right from the start. The magic continues as Joseph introduces his new single ‘Crawl‘.

‘Crawl’ sees Joseph branch out a bit from his usual ballad style approach as this song comes along a little bit more upbeat than all of his previous songs, yet still playing with heartache on the lyrical side.

Joseph J. Jones’ deep voice trickles smoothly to the beat and shows of its full potential during the chorus, when the singer sings his heart out.

The crowd at Omeara is captivated by the sheer talent on stage, afraid to even utter a word as this could so easily destroy magic of the performance.

Without giving his fans a chance to breathe, the talented singer continues with an impressive performance of his previous single ‘Gospel Truth’, which sees some fans joining in at the chorus.

The set flies by way to quickly but the crowd won’t let him off the hook that easily. Being visibly overwhelmed with the amazing response from the crowd, the Essex born singer songwriter gives in and treats his fans with another song from his back catalogue.

‘The Video’ marks the end of the set, ‘I know you know this one, so join in!’ the singer challenges the room and the fans deliver. Thanking everyone for the lovely night Joseph J. Jones leaves the stage with a smile on his face and so does the crowd as they leave the venue.

Well aware of the fact that in a few years, when Joseph J. Jones talent has been discovered by so many more people, this performance will be deemed a special iconic night with Joseph J. Jones!


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