iTunes Festival – Jessie J

Third time is the charm.

On the 22nd September it was time for my last visit at this years itunes Festival and whowould be better to go and see as the amazing Jessie J!

I met up with my friend as we have done several times before, got upstairs to the bar and chilled out on the roof terrace ahead of the performance.

At pm sharp, the Roundhouse was greeted by a very good looking Jessie J, she kicked things of with the obvious ‘Sexy Lady’.

Jessie surprised everyone by announcing that she will perform a few new songs from her new studio album, the first new song to our ears was ‘Sweet Talker’, as the same-titled album.

Jessie J got joined by Tinie Tempah on stage and the crowd went absolutely crazy. The pair of them properly rocking the surprised Roundhouse crowd.

Jessie J itunes festival 2014 Sweet Talker London Roundhouse Camden Nobodys Perfect Bang Bang Jessie J itunes festival 2014 Tinie Tempah Sweet Talker London Roundhouse Camden Wild

After that, things got a bit deeper as Jessie J gave a little, but very empowering speech about self-acceptance and embracing your flaws, as those are the things that make you unique. iTunes Festival was cheering as Jessie J followed up her little pep talk with her massive hit ‘Nobody’s Perfect’.

The mood was lifted with a stunning performance of ‘Wild’ and the David Guetta collaboration ‘Laser Light’.

Jessie J itunes festival 2014 Sweet Talker London Roundhouse Price  Tag Bang Bang Jessie J itunes festival 2014 Sweet Talker London Roundhouse Your Loss I'm Found Bang Bang

Jessie J managed to properly balance out her set by pleasing the audience with all the well-known and well-loved hits and sparking things up with her new musical creations. iTunes Festival was in for an absolute treat this night as Jessie J debuted a beautiful acoustic performance of ‘Your Loss, I’m Found’, the crowd was touched and we all knew that this was a rather magical moment.

Every now and then Jessie J stopped everything and talked to the crowd at the Roundhouse and of course to everyone live streaming the concert. It is really nice to see an artist caring so much about the well being of their fans. And just making sure, they are all well by giving them so many positive messages and empowering them in so many ways.

I am a strong believer that music can fix you and can help you overcome a difficult phase in live, and it is just such a great experience being at a concert and feeling the connection that some people have with certain songs and by the look on their faces one can surely tell that it means the world to them. Long story short, Jessie J you are doing an awesome job looking after your fans. Please never stop.

Jessie J itunes festival 2014 Sweet Talker London Roundhouse Laserlight Bang Bang Jessie J itunes festival 2014 Sweet Talker London Roundhouse Burnin Up Bang Bang

To wrap things up, Jessie J gave her live debut of her second single of her ‘Sweet Talker’  album, called ‘Burnin’ Up’ and – oh boy – Roundhouse was on fire. What a tune! Sadly, all good things have to come to an end and Jessie J closed her itunes Festival with an incredible performance of ‘Bang Bang’.

This was my third time seeing Jessie in concert and honestly, I really like that girl. She is a great performer with a stunning voice and her shows are always entertaining.

I reckon it won’t be too long until we meet again, Miss Jessie J,

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