Interviewing Muncie Girls – Talking Touring, New Album and Wishes for 2017!

Hi Muncie Girls,

for people that have somehow not crossed your musical path yet, would you mind introducing yourselves?

Lande: We’re called Muncie Girls and we’re from Exeter which is in Devon, in the South of England. And we play punk rock!


You’re a female fronted band with male band mates. How exactly did you come up with your band name Muncie Girls then?

Lande: ‘Muncie Girls’ is a quote from a film called ‘The Hudsucker Proxy’. You have to watch that film to get it. So, I don’t wanna spoil the fun.

Luke: There is nothing more to read into, really.


You’re almost at the end of your headline tour, today’s show is in Camden and tomorrow you have your homecoming show in Exeter. How has the tour been so far? Any outstanding moments that need mentioning?

Luke: It’s been good! It is the first headline tour in the UK that we have done in ages. I think the only time we have done a headline run was when we just started out and it was really tiny mismatched shows. But it’s cool! We’ve got our friends ‘Woahnows‘ and ‘Happy Accidents‘ with us now, which is nice. So it’s been a really friendly vibe.

The shows have been good, last night in Manchester was a highlight!

What was so special about it?

Lande: There were just loads of people there, lots of friends and it was just cool. Loads of energy and just so much fun!


You have taken your debut album ‘From Caplan To Belzise’ on a massive festival circuit and toured a lot since the release. Doesn’t all the touring ever get tiring or are you still as hyped as on the first day?

Luke: I don’t think shows ever get boring, because even if you’re playing the same songs or if you’ve been on tour for a few months, it is never boring. Every show is always different, no matter what.

We have toured loads, since the record came out in March and yes it can be tiring but at the same time you just adapt to it. So that now, when we’re off tour that’s when it gets tiring!

Speaking of the album, it has received so many great reviews, but what was the best reaction you have received in regards to ‘From Caplan To Belzise’?

Luke: The general vibe just took us by surprise. Because for us, when we did the record, we had never done a full album before. So our goal was to write and record a certain amount of songs that we really loved and that sounded great. And once we recorded the album, we we’re like ‘Oh, we have done that! That’s amazing!’. That was like a real achievement!

We didn’t really think massively beyond the reaction from it, we didn’t know what to expect, as we had never done a full album before.  So the fact that a load of people like it, has been really nice.

Lande: It’s not like loads and loads of people have gone wild about it. We have been a band for so many years and people have always said nice stuff. But it went from being our friends saying nice things to strangers saying nice things, which we took more like the truth, because they didn’t need to say nice things. And that is an amazing feeling!

But beyond that, I wouldn’t say it is overwhelming. It is not on the scale of overwhelming. Also, all our friends are in bands as well. So for us, anything we do is always a shadow of our friends bands. Some people think of that like a shame, but I think it is really grounding. We don’t lose that sense of normality.

This is just what we are doing, one day we won’t be able to do that kind of stuff. People might no longer be into it, or we as a band might be in a different place. We just enjoy things as they come, but nothing ever is overwhelming, because all our friends have done it before.

And we have seen it for years, it’s what we always wanted to do. We don’t double think it, we just do it!


Muncie Girls do care a lot about others. You have released charity singles to raise money for the reopening of the fire damaged Cavern Club in Exeter and you put out the single ‘Respect’ in aid for Refugee Action. ​Do you feel it is important to try and make a difference as a band in today’s world?

Lande: I guess so. If you have a platform then using it is good. Both of the singles that we used to raise money, we didn’t put any money into it. It was like, we already had that single ‘Respect’ from our album and we were deciding that we should put it up as a free download to get more people to hear it. And then we were like ‘We got a bit of a voice at the moment, and if people want to donate, then why not help and tell people where to donate to?’

If people are throwing money at things, were there has been no cost put into it then it makes a lot of sense. It works well.

As for Refugee Action, we played a fundraiser show for them. It was really fun! We had a friend who put on the show and he said that Refugee Action are a nice group of people, so then we decided to help. They were so nice and grateful and everyone was so happy.

As it is really hard to fund yourself as a small band without massive backing from labels etc., there is no judgement if you don’t donate to charity.

We didn’t give any money ourselves, we just encouraged people to donate to the charities.


As the year is coming to an end, what dreams, wishes or resolutions do Muncie Girls have for 2017?

Luke: Hopefully, to have a year as cool as this year. It is nice to progress as a band, so the next thing we are doing is another record. We started demoing that. And the goal for next year is to get another album recorded and carry on touring.

Lande: If we could have the same year, as we just had we would be so happy!


Thanks for making so time to chat to me, Muncie Girls!

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