Interviewing GURR at Jäger Soho Radio // Chatting new album and Gurrscout cookies

Garage rockers GURR stopped by at Soho Radio for a little session at Jäger Soho the other week. Jägermeister has joined forces with Soho Radio to bring fresh new musical through the ranks by allowing new artist the amazing opportunity to record live onto vinyl during the stations special Vinyl sessions.

Berliner ladies GURR are the recent artists to have had this opportunity and I caught up with them after the live recording for a little chat. Find out all about album No.2 and why you might be able to get your hands on some Gurrscout cookies soon!


Hi ladies, welcome to sunny London!

You’ve just been on Jäger Soho Radio and recorded Moby Dick and #1985 directly to vinyl, not your average radio stint I guess?

Laura: We were even more nervous, cause it feels more permanent like when you do another session,  it gets saved digitally but this time we thought this is like a one-take and if anything goes wrong it will be there forever. But it went ok, no noticeable mistakes!


If you had your own radio show, what could we expect?

Laura: We were thinking about this concept of, the book ‘High Fidelity’ and these playlists. Like Top 5 songs during sex, Top 5 songs play at a funeral and just have these themes. Top 5 90s guilty pleasures would be fun too. Because we don’t only listen to the kind of music that we are making but also have pop, 80s and shoegaze influences. The radio programme would show a broader picture of our influences.


Gurr have done their fair share of touring the UK last year and are currently back roaming the British streets with ‘The Go Team’, what has been the best moment of this tour so far?

Andreya: Leeds was really really fun.

Laura: The Go Team have some hardcore fans and they were in the front row in Leeds, they introduced themselves to us and said ‘ Hi, you’re gonna see me a lot in the next weeks! I will be at every show. Always at the front’.

And the next show in Brighton they were there, right at the front and already knew our songs and were nodding along. That was really cool.

For the last UK tour in 2017 you did an amazing tour diary, is this something that you will be bringing back at some point?

Laura: Yes! It was so weird because I don’t know why but during that tour it was so easy. It was so many cities that we always had a little bit more time and now we just like drive for hours every day. And back then it just like an hours drive. So it was so easy to write the diary and also looking back and reading it brings up so many good memories. But it has been really bad lately, it has been more of an effort to do it which I don’t understand, but we definitely wanna do more of these things.


Last year you went on a massive tour with German band Kraftklub throughout Germany, what would you say is the biggest difference in touring in the UK compared to Germany?

Andreya: Well, the shows with Kraftklub were really big! It was like 12000 people. It’s weird cause these shows are like these stadium shows were it is so weird. I watched this Demi Lovato documentary where you see that every venue just looks the same.

Whereas when you tour the UK, like right now, you get to play all these cool different venues that really cool bands that you love have already played. Which is kind of the same in Germany too, but in the UK there is just something about the venues. Just like playing Rough Trade Store, there is nothing like that in Germany. Nothing so iconic.

The audience is different as well. In the UK people are more music nerds, whereas in Germany the people enjoy the music which is really cool too. But here in the UK they are just super nerdy.

Let’s talk second album. You are currently working on your follow up release to your debut ‘In My Head’. Is it easier now, working on the second album or does that put more pressure on you?

Andreya: With the first album, there is nothing before that, so you just set the tone with the first album. And we never thought about it. So we didn’t really put a lot of effort in production, we basically went to the studio, recorded the songs and went out back out again. It was just super basic back then. And now, with a busy schedule and touring all the time we had to put much more thinking into it. We had so many songs sketches. During the first album we were like ‘ Ok these are all the songs we have, that’s why they are on the album’ .

Laura: There are some songs like ‘Piggy Commander’ that didn’t make the cut. It would have been a total hit! 🙂

Andreya: This time it was more about ‘ What is the vibe, what songs are we gonna work on’. It was definitely more effort that we put into it.


Can you give us a little teaser of what to expect?

Laura: There are some songs that have 60s girl group vibe, like on our first record ‘Computer Love’ and there are some parts that get really noisey like 90s grunge. And then there is some post punky stuff as well.

Andreya: I think it still really sounds like us. And even if we try to do something different out of our comfort zone, something about how we write or how we put the vocals in always sounds like us.


Any German songs on the album? 

Laura: We have two at the moment. Right now is the time when we decide which songs go on the record. Sometimes you have an English and a German version of a song, so we have to sit down and make decisions about that soon. But we have recorded in German so it is gonna come out either way.



If you play German songs over here, do people actually know the lyrics? Is it like the Rammstein phenomenon where people that have never spoken German can magically sing along to all the songs?

Laura: I think  ‘Wir Nehmen Teil an der Belanglosigkeit‘ isn’t the easiest line for English speakers to learn, so it doesn’t really have that potential.

Andreya: What I like seeing is when people pretend to know the lyrics and try to mouth them. They don’t know them, but it’s really cute seeing them try!

These days you aren’t actually anyone if you don’t have a fandom name. You happen to call your fans ‘Gurrscouts’, which is very clever. Who came up with that name?

Laura: It started as a joke, so we just kept it. We also want Gurrscouts cookies and stuff. It would be cool to get that following even bigger.

Andreya: We have been a bit lazy on that. We had so many plans, we gonna have different stickers and stuff. Sometimes we do raffles and fans can win really cool stuff.


What’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Laura: I think just yesterday. There was this couple that just took a plane from Germany just to come to our Rough Trade show.

When was the last time that YOU fangirled and over which artist?

Laura: I remember Andreya flipping out when she saw King Krule.

Andreya: OMG! YESSSSS! OMG – I totally forgot this!

It was like 6am and he had played the same festival like us, he walked outside and I saw him with his crew in the artist lounge. And I was like ‘ Oh my fucking god!’ , cause I just love his music and I couldn’t make it to his gig as we played at the same time. I was being a lazy fan, we played our show, loaded in and then I was too lazy to go. But I just wanted to say hello, but I couldn’t! All I said was ‘ I saw him! The next time I see him I will say Hello’. And then I was hoping to not see him again, cause then I would have to say Hi.

In an ideal world, who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Laura: Probably Daniel Beddingfield. They are so many cool people that we would love to collaborate with I think it would be cool to collaborate with someone out of our music zone.

Andreya: Someone like ‘The Odd Future People’ or ‘Tyler The Creator’.

Laura: Taylor Swift. I wanna see her cats.

Thanks for the chat ladies and enjoy your time in the UK!


GURR will be back on the British shore in April when hit the road again as support for SHAME. Make sure to catch them live and watch the gurrlcore amazingness live!

You can listen to the GURR at Jäger Soho Radio session below:




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