Independent Venue Week 2018 – Support your local venue!


Have you ever been to a small live music venue and by chance seen something special on stage?

Did you ever feel so captivated by the artist that time stood still and nothing else mattered than the performance?

Ever marvelled at the beauty of live music when it suddenly catches you in a little room with just a small crowd, and suddenly everyone is convinced they have just witnessed something rather special, probably the next star in the making?

If you have, lucky you, you are part of a world full of magical live music moments carefully tucked away in music venues with musical history spilling out every corner.

And if you haven’t, well, it is never too late to enter that world!

Thanks to the Independent Venue Week small independent live music venues are on everyone’s lips during this week of celebrations. Celebrating their 5th birthday the IVM organisation shines a massive bright spotlight on all those small places around the country.

Tonight’s championing of great music in historic venues takes places at the famous Troubadour in West London. If the walls could talk they would probably never shut up about all the famous artists that have played the Troubadour ever since it’s opening in the mid 1950s.

Ian Williamson who ensures that this legacy continues explains why small live music venues are vital these days.

‘Here at the Troubadour we had everybody from Bob Dylan playing his first ever show all the way up to Adele and Florence Welch starting out here.  Every small venue in the country can boast names like these and without the small venues these big names wouldn’t be the big names that they are today.’


And with that the live music takes over. Tonight’s happenings are dominated by guitar-laden sounds starting with the fun pop punk tunes from No Insight.

The trio from London / Brighton takes to stage and deliver a great performance packed with hits from their second EP ‘Tears, Beers And Let Downs‘ accompanied by some punny jokes, they unwillingly give an insight on what Blink 182’s first ever shows must have been like.

After an enthusiastic live set and a weirdly wonderful trip down memory lane the next band has some unexpected tricks up their sleeve!


A familiar face comes back on stage ‘ Yeah, I know me again! ‘ front man and bass player Joe Papworth starts. ‘I’m also paying in Fastfade.’, the singer is on double duty tonight performing with both of his bands No Insight and Fastfade.

Sticking with the trusty pop punk sound Fastfade pick up where No Insights left off, yet their sound is a little bit less pop and speckled with slightly more dirtier riffs. The Skate punk three piece entertain the crowd with hits from their EPs ‘Simple Ideals‘ and ‘Side Effect’s ‘.

Wrapping up the pop punk extravaganza with their hit ‘Slingshot‘, which is a classic pop punk anthem with a catchy chorus that simply won’t leave your end for the rest of the night.


The Troubadour is famous for hosting all sorts of genres and always has an open door for young talented musicians that are itching to get on stage.

Cpt. Prang, the third act this night, is radiating a wild mix of eagerness and mystery as they conquer the stage. Front man Chris Taylor instantly lures you in with his intense glance and clear strong spoken vocals seconds before he starts screaming and running off into the crowd.

The grunge rock four piece clearly has drawn the biggest crowd of the night and they are not planning on loosening their grip on the fans. Cpt. Prang effortlessly blend punk and spoken word that at certain times they could easily play a gig with punk duo Slaves which would result in a perfect marriage.

Handily having the set list written across his chest, singer Chris leads the band through their intense set of their debut EP ‘Pranging It out, Vol. 1‘.


Closing the night and racking up those amps, are London duo Death Goals. Drowning the cellar of the Troubadour in a wall of loud angry sounds, Harry Bailey and Will Taylor take a stance.

Screaming his heart out to songs like ‘The Great Southern Crowd Kill‘ Harry is on fire! The duo constantly bounce off so much energy that it is hard to look away from the stage.

Death Goals describe themselves as ‘Two Boys Making Noise’ and that pretty much nails it as they constantly experiment with rock, punk and match influences during their set.


Nights like these proof why small independent music venues are the backbone of today’s (rock) music scene, every artist needs a stage to cut their teeth and thankfully the Troubadour is just the right place for that.


Independent Venues Week is still running until the 4th February 2018, get out there and support your local venue today!



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