In HEAVEN with Grumble Bee // Live Review

Tucked away under the arches of Charing Cross station is where you will find actual Heaven.

A magical place that only shows its full potential once inside. A home for the people of the night, a famous night club and the home of live music.

Heaven knows how to keep everyone happy.

The big stage at one end of the venue, right under the arches is brightly lit and the room is filled with punters. Half of them still wrapped in their coats as a snow storm is battering outside, the other half a few pints in already.

At closer look a charming Grumble Bee enters the stage accompanied by his band. Having scored a support slot for Arcane Roots on their UK and Europe 2018 tour, Grumble Bee greets the waiting crowds and kicks his set with ‘Skywriter’.

Right away Grumble Bee’s spark seems to ignite the audience as they cheer him on and some devoted fans already sing their hearts out.

The room warms up not only in temperature but also in interest for the trio on stage as they continue to perform a stunning set with ‘Francium’ which shows of Jack Bennett’s aka Grumble Bee’s raw vocals oh so well.

Taking things to another level Grumble Bee smashes out his hits Heron and Red as Heaven is flooded with sun coloured streaks of orange and yellow light, making everyone forget about the cold harsh winter outside.

Without doubt the talented singer songwriter knows a thing or two about performing live as he continues to win over the crowd second by second with his beautifully crafted alternative rock hymns that were made for the big stages.

As the short but intense set draws closer to the end Jack Bennett and his band Callum Connell and Zach Phelps gear up for the big finale.

‘This song is about girl, you know…’ Grumble Bee introduces his last song of the night. The sounds of ‘H.C.A.D.C‘ pour through Heaven as Grumble Bee’s raw and emotional vocals cut through the sounds as he simultaneously bounces all over the stage, never losing his breath.

When the song reaches his final chorus the crowd easily drowns out Grumble Bee’s singing, leaving a massive smile on his face.

The band leaves the stage under massive cheers and not only the approving faces of the punters but also the stream of people flocking down to the merch stall to get their hands on some Grumble Bee merch, hoping to catch a glimpse of the singer are simple yet solid proof that it is extremely hard not to fall in love with the lush sounds of the talented Mr Grumble Bee.

Grumble Bee is still on tour with Arcane Roots throughout March, so if you’re going already make sure to come down early and catch him live!

If you still don’t have tickets, what are you waiting for???



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