How to survive Wacken Open Air with a bunch of festival virgins… Part 3

My worst nightmare…


Full Metal Wackinator

On Thursday morning I woke up with plenty of time to get ready for work and was greeted with the most beautiful words ‘Hey Mel, so theoretically how bad is it when someone would potentially be missing from the camp?’ as I thought this was a joke and my sleep deprived brain wasn’t functioning yet I asked to elaborate. ‘You know, let’s say one of the sleeping bags is still empty? Aka, we are one man down.’

Nothing could have prepared me for that moment, we had already lost V last night and thankfully had him back before I went to bed. What could have possibly happened after I went to bed last night? I went into full mum mode and immediately started shouting out names of the boys that would be the most likely to get lost. Did we lose Dr Bird? Or had V ventured off again? Thankfully or should I be saying most worryingly they were all safe and sound.

Then a phone rang, which was very rare due to horrible phone reception. ‘Hey, your brother is in hospital with a broken leg, please give me a call. Love Dad’ V ( back with the living) read out. Good, no one has died, he has been found and he is in hospital where he is well looked after where my initial thoughts. Followed by ‘What the hell happened? And how can something like this happen to the oldest and most sensible one out of all of us?  V and Crash ( the only one with some knowledge of the local area) jumped in the car and made their way down to the local hospital.  We had all quickly gathered some essentials for a hospital stay including an overnight bag, some snacks, a can of cold beer (because it is festival time) and most importantly his phone and money. Yes, the exact phone and money that he had handed over to us before going to the gig last night.  The connection to the outside world was now back up and running.

V and Crash later returned to tell the tale of how the ‘Wackinator’ had the time of his life at his first ever Wacken festival, which was sadly short lived, but at least he got to see one of his favourite bands. That’s something right?

It turned out the festival was over for the Wackinator before it really started and he hadn’t just broken his leg, his ankle had been smashed into tiny little pieces in the Sepultura mosh pit, calling for impromptu surgery.  His body has since undergone several full metal updates and he has already confirmed that the Wackinator 2.0 will make his return in 2019!

As we now had ‘visit A&E and make sure to get the full hospital experience’ ticked off our festival to do list, I knew that our camp had peaked. Nothing could be worse than this from now on!

To be continued…


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