How to survive Wacken Open Air with a bunch of festival virgins… Part 2

The Wacken saga continues… ever lost some one at a festival?

Yeah, me too.


Lost in Wacken

After picking up the other lads, that had already run off, we could finally make our way to the village. Leaving the festival ground was a mission itself. It was a never-ending stop and go. I found myself constantly counting everyone, trying to make sure no one gets lost. Which brings me to another worst case scenario…  before even heading out to the festival I was quite sure that someone of our group will get lost eventually, and guess what, I only had to wait a few hours and it became true.

Having miraculously made it to the village, downing a few beers on the way and several stop-overs at the various pop-up pubs and beergardens in Wacken, it was time to head back to the festival site a couple of hours later. So there was me walking down the high street, desperately trying to keep our little group together as each of the boys ran off into different directions. I stopped in my tracks and sighed. That’s when I noticed a group of girls hanging out on the sidewalk. ‘You can do this! You will keep them all together, they are just boys!’ they tried to cheer me on. If only they had known.

A few meters down the road I found the majority of the group, discussing if they should get a Kebab or not. I blinked and suddenly two people were missing. Tio and our beautiful mess V had run of.  I decided to find V first as his disappearance could have caused more trouble. I quickly located him inside the Kebab shop, escorted him Kebab in hand, outside and brought him back to the group. Then I was on the hunt for Tio, who I found happily shopping in the local supermarket, getting more beers for the group. When we joined the group 5 minutes later V had vanished. Obviously no one saw him leaving the group so there I was admitting to myself that I had successfully managed to lose someone. Great, that boy has never been to this festival before, his phone is probably dead and at our last beer stop he was already in another universe… he is obviously gonna die out here. Something like this was going through my mind as I was looking for him, whilst with one eye making sure no one else runs of. Eventually I had to give up and the boys assured me that he will be fine and come back to the camp, in fact he was probably already sitting in the tent already.

We arrived back on the festival ground and half of the group decided to see some bands, whilst the other half (me included) made our way back to the camp. Group ‘live music’ handed us all of their valuables each  boy only keeping some cash for more beers. The walk back to campsite went quite alright for once and I really hoped that we would have been greeted by V back at our little camp. But he was nowhere to be seen.

A few beers and some questionable music choices later V suddenly turned up at our gazebo looking worse for wear, sitting down without saying anything. ‘Are you ok? Where have you been? What happened? Are you alright? Please say something!’ I immediately bombarded him with questions.

‘I tell you tomorrow’ he mumbled and went to bed.

Guess, I had to wait till the sun was back up then? I was just happy to have him back in the camp, somewhat alive and still breathing. It was already way past my bedtime and work was only a few hours away so I decided to hit the hay and hope for a better tomorrow.


To be continued…

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