House Of Vans Sessions – REWS

House Of Vans London has regularly been the home to outstanding live music experiences. Recently House Of Vans has started to champion new music as well, with their new stage in Tunnel 2, which now hosts amazing up and coming artists as part of the House Of Vans Sessions project.

Last Wednesday it was time for London based Alt-Rock duo REWS to hit the stage.

House Of Vans was quite packed and the crowd was eagerly awaiting the two rock girls to come on stage. Armed with a bag full of gritty rock songs REWS instantly conquered the place. Powerhouses Shauna Tohill and Collette Williams radiated so much energy and genuine happiness from the stage that it was impossible not to get sucked into the beautiful madness that is REWS.

Right from the start the crowd was up for it, a lot of dancing, singing and even a small mosh pit erupted throughout the set.

Songs like ‘Can You Feel It‘ and ‘Shake Shake‘ come along with a dirty rock sound that effortlessly blends with Shauna’s strong vocals, creating hefty stadium ready hymns.

REWS last single ‘Miss You In The Dark‘ goes down an absolute storm, House Of Vans is singing along while Shauna and Colette are rocking out on stage like crazy.

The House Of Vans Session was not just a simple gig for the girls, REWS were also premiering their new single ‘Shine‘! Another smashing hit that inevitably stirs the NEED for a REWS debut album (which is on the cards soon!).

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, ‘Shine‘ will be just as loved as all the other previous REWS singles. It becomes apparent that REWS are onto something with their music!

REWS sound is very unique, extremely powerful, fast paced and sounds like there is a full band on stage, when in reality it is all boiled down to Shauna smashing it on the guitar and Collette hitting the drums like there is now tomorrow.

Set up wise the resemblance to Royal Blood is uncanny, and with their unadulterated loud sound, REWS might be the female answer to the mighty Royal Blood.


Check out REWS new single Shine:



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