Half Crown Live @ Kensington Roof Gardens // Concert Review

Brighton five piece Half Crown made their way to the capital to play a live set as part of the Paradise London Live series.

Taking up Kensington Roof Gardens swanky venue by a storm, Half Crown made it their mission right from the start to get everyone’s groove on.

Their musical style is best described as a base of alternative rock with an added layer of funk, topped off with a cream of hip hop. That is what makes the perfect Half Crown cake.

Showcasing their incredible talent of clever genre mixing in West London, Half Crown opened up their set with ‘Brighton To Barcelona‘ a song that gives you instant summer vibes. Which made the cold and rainy November day just a bit more bearable.

Right from the start it becomes clear that the band lives for live shows, their stage presence was intoxicating throughout the whole concert. Not afraid of getting cosy with the crowd, lead singer Louie encouraged the fans to come even closer.

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Smash single ‘Start It Up‘, sounded absolutely lush live and instantly had the whole room dancing and singing along. Next up Half Crown surprised the fans with some new material.

The cleverly crafted ‘Voodoo Doll‘ is a strong indication of what to expect from the band in the near future.

Not only were Half Crown playing a great gig on that night, they were also shooting some shots for their new music video for ‘32 Teeth‘!

32 Teeth‘ is a massive rock and roll banger that was made for hot and heavy live shows. Needless to say the song went down damn well, the crowd was bouncing and the band was going wild on stage. Lead singer Louie even went straight into the crowd, performing surrounded by grooving bodies. Judging from that live performance, the video is surely gonna be a good one.

Wrapping up their set with a funky cover of White Stripes ‘Seven Nation Army‘, Louie, David, Josh, Charles and Frankie make it clear that they are definitely ones to watch.

With a US tour on the map for 2017 and even more new songs to be releases to the world, next year looks to put Half Crown on a lot of peoples radar.


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