Giant sounds by GIANT ROOKS // Live review

Do you know these rare moments when you are at a concert and everything feels magical, like you are witnessing something very special?

So special that you don’t dare to utter a word, unable to tear your eyes away from the stage…

Well that is what happened when I went to see Giant Rooks at the Old Blue Last in London the other day. So let me tell you about the magical musical spell the German quintet casted upon the London crowd.

Being on their first ever headline tour through the UK, Giant Rooks already managed to sell out more than half their shows way ahead of tour which only speaks for their talent. Having seen Giant Rooks at the Great Escape Festival 2017, I knew I was in for a treat but to be honest, I didn’t expect to be blown away that much.

Right from the start the band proves that they are so ready for the set, big smiles all around and a hungry eagerness in their eyes as they kick off an epic set. The small venue at the Old Blue Last upstairs is completely rammed as it is a sold out show, leaving the floor sticky with beer and the air hotter by the minute.

Immediately I realise that Giant Rooks have learned a lot in a year as nothing compared to their set at The Great Escape Festival a year ago.

With bucket loads of happiness and sheer unlimited energy the five piece rocked their selves into each and every heart of the Old Blue Last that night. Giving their EP ‘New Estate‘ the proper live treatment Giant Rooks bring their splendid indie art pop bangers ‘Slow‘ and ‘Bright Lights‘ to the London music scene.

The first of many jaw dropping moments comes in the form of the ballad ‘Sighing Like A Sleeper‘ which has the entire venue fall silent at the raspy yet smooth vocals of singer Fred Rabe.

With ease Fred takes the whole room onto a musical journey, as everyone seems to be hanging on his every word.

Following with their hit ‘Chapels‘ from their newest EP ‘New Estate‘, the room snaps out of their stare and sings along to the familiar tune.

Not giving the fans any time to hold their breath Giant Rooks treat them to a stunning rendition of ‘Itchy Feet‘. An oldie but goldie!

Again the room is captivated by the musical talent that are Giant Rooks. Fred’s voice rasps through the room sending proper shivers through the ranks as he performs the song acoustic just him and his voice.

In these moments you realise how far talent can get you, and it seems like this band on stage has much more up their sleeve. Without doubt, that was one of the best performances of the year, and it is only March.

Finishing off their London set of the ‘For The Days To Come’ tour, Giant Rooks save the best for last and they peak with their biggest song ‘New Estate‘ as the entire room joins in for the chorus and one last dance off.

Judging by the big grins plastered onto the faces of Frederik Rabe (vocals), Finn Schwieters (guitar), Jonathan Wischniowski (synth), Luca Gottner (bass) and Finn Thomas (drums) the lads seem to have had the time of their lives that night.

Hopping swiftly off stage, leaving the crowd chanting ‘We want more!’ the full band returns for an encore of the gorgeous ‘Mia & Keira (Days To Come)‘ before finally saying goodbye for good.

The atmosphere after the set is still something special as punters discuss what they have just witnessed and how glad they are to have seen the band in such an intimate setting as it is already cut in stone that the future of Giant Rooks is brighter than a summers day.

If Giant Rooks continue to grow and evolve their musical talents as they did in the last year, it is only a matter of time that the five lads will take their infectious indie pop to the massive stadiums.

And one thing is certain; they will easily sell these ones out too!



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