Festival Summer 2019 – Mels Jukebox Preview

Hi my name is Mel and during festival season I turn into FESTIMEL. 🙂

I’m back with a bang! After a break from blogging I’m back with a triple festival announcement that was worth the wait. During the – hopefully – glorious summer months I’ll be dancing and headbanging my way through a couple of festivals across the UK and Germany and I can’t wait to take you along with me.

Below are my favourite three festivals, which I’ll be visiting again this year.

Let me tell you what’s to come….


It’s JUNE 2019….

Bushstock festival is back for another year! For the last few years this gorgeous boutique festival in West London has been one of my favourites.

Year after year the organisers of Bushstock hand pick the finest new talent out there from the broad indie music sector, ranging from indie rock riffs to experimental electronic pop tunes. One of the best things about Bushstock, apart from the banging line up, is that the day festival is so easy to reach.

All venues are around the Shepherds Bush green, so it’s never far to catch the next artist. Bushstock festival is run with so much love to detail, starting at the incredible talent that is showcasing their work all the way to the stage set up.

One of the most gorgeous stages is probably The Courtyard stage. This outdoors stage sits under a roof of colourful umbrellas and adds the extra bit of summer festival feeling to anyone performing on said stage.

This year I am particularly excited to see Aussie Indie rockers ‘Gang Of Youth’ performing, who won me over a few years ago at The Great Escape. I’m also excited to see Clean Cut Kid again who I’ve also stumbled upon for the first time at The Great Escape years ago. See a pattern here? 😉

But there is more! IDER, the duo with the most perfect voices that harmonize heavenly will be bringing their infatuating electro pop to Bushstock and my long-term favourites MarthaGunn (who have also played TGE a few times) will be coming down to Bushstock, packed with some new alt rock songs.

I could go on about this festival for hours, but if you like to fall in love with some great new artists and discover some cool new live music venues, check out the line-up and mark the 15th June 2019 in your diary.

Experience for yourself what the true spirit of Bushstock means and get your tickets now.

2000 Trees

It’s JULY 2019….

Believe it or not but 2000 Trees was my first ‘proper’ festival in the UK and ever since I walked the fields of Upcote Farm, I have been in love with this amazing festival. There I said it. I love you, 2000 Trees 🙂

But honestly, 2000 Trees is one of the best festivals for so many reasons. The line-up never disappoints, the layout of the festival is on point as you never have to walk far to get to the next stage, the clashes are held to a minimal, the people are amazing, and the Forest Stage is just the cutest little acoustic stage to have ever existed.

Do I have your interest already? All around, 2000 Trees can be described as the ‘nicest festival’ out there. Everyone working on and for the festival is there for the music and always happy to help, no rude stewards out here. I think you get the idea.

Musically 2000 Trees hosts the who is who from the UK scene and beyond, all the way from newcomer band to the ones that have played the big stages numerous times. It’s a great festival to easily float from one stage to another and immerse yourself in the various genres of heavy music. And if you’ve had one too many the night before just had back to the forest and sit down amongst the 2000 Trees and soothe your mind with some acoustic performances.

The crowds are here for the music, rocking out to their favourite bands all day and at night you can sing and dance your heart out at the silent disco (which is one of the best things ever to exist). And if you still can’t get enough there’s more live music at the little stages scattered around the camp sites.

2000 Trees alumni, Frank Turner will be returning to the big stage along side, You Me At Six and Deaf Havana. I’m really looking forward to catch Everytime I Die, Flogging Molly and While She Sleeps.

I’m also really excited to dance again with Dream State like we did last year and see the funny lads of Press To Meco again, who gave me the funniest interview ever at last year’s Trees!

To sum it all up, I can’t wait to be standing in the field again, surrounded by the 2000 Trees, cider in hand and listening to some really cool music.

As 2000 Trees is not a massive festival, better be quick and get your tickets now for the big weekend on 11th – 13th July 2019!

Wacken Open Air

It’s AUGUST 2019….

You know it calls for a big party when you got the big 3-0 approaching, and the ladies and gents of Wacke Open Air surely know how to throw a big birthday party!

Having put on a delicious line up for the big birthday year, there is little left to ask for. And as I can’t really resist a good party I will be going back to the holy ground this summer.

I can’t wait to take you on tour with me as I roam the campsites, the village and of course the infield. I’ve you have enjoyed my stories about our chaos camp gang from last year, you are in for a treat as I will be reuniting with my boys for another year of glorious camping mayhem.

Wacken is always so much more than just a festival, it’s the people, in front and behind of the stage that make it so special. I can’t wait to tour the village of Wacken again and hang out at Muttis Biergarten (the best place in the village, trust me!). Wacken is just the best place to just get lost and explore all the amenities the festival has to offer, from roaming through the mediaeval village and sipping on some mead, dancing to some folk metal alongside actors in full costume, acting out some mad end of the world scenario, to just walking the campsites and marvelling at the epic camps out there.

Now let’s talk music, cause there’s a lot of that too! Pretty much every heavy music fan will get their fare share of from the metal music cake. Regardless of how niche your taste in metal is, Wacken will have that sorted and will have the right bands for you playing. There are more than 150 bands playing, so surely that will cover all bases.

Personally, I am uber excited to see Parkway Drive again, last time I saw them was in front of a few hundred people, so I can’t wait to see what it is like to see them with over 70,000 metal heads standing in a field.

I’m also excited to catch SoiL live. It has been forever that I wanted to see them, but it never worked out for me, so regardless of what’s gonna happen at WOA 2019, I’ll make sure to be in front of the stage when they are playing.

And to add to that, catching The Lazys at the festival will also be on my agenda. They are just a bunch of really funny and talented guys who happen to make some real nice hard rock and as I have already seen them live a few times, I know what I’m in for. Its great – come and see them!

So yeah, bottom line is, Wacken is great for way too many reasons and I can’t wait to be part of it all again.

No matter the weather, rain or shine, mud or dust, I know that the 30th anniversary of WOA will be an epic one!

See you in a field soon!


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