Fat Lip Fest 2017 – The Review

There’s a new festival on the circuit!

From the organisers who bring you the successful club night Fat Lip UK in Bristol, now comes a festival celebrating all things pop punk and rock music!

Fat Lip Fest kicked off for the first time on 29th July 2017 in Bristol, taking over the venues ‘The Lanes’ and ‘Bristol Bierkeller’ with an insane line up.

Cheap drink prices, yummy pizza and some first class pop punk and rock music all day long, what more could you ask for?

Here are some of our highlights from the first ever Fat Lip Fest!



London’s very own Dead! headed up the Fireball stage down at the Bierkeller. Drawing one of the biggest crowds of the day, the boys are taking the stage by storm.

Bashing out their new single ‘Up For Ransom‘ the band instantly has the crowd in the palm of their hands.

‘We just flew back from Finland, have been up for 24 hours and we’re not quite here yet. But with this song and your help, we will be! ‘ guitarist Sam Matlock introduced fan favourite ‘Alaska‘.

The fans would never let their boys down and sang their hearts out to the chorus.

Dead! are always a treat to catch live, their sets are energetic, loud and their music will get to you no matter what.

The four-piece love to play with different genres, drawing from rock, indie and grunge influences to create their very own unique sound that can never be pinned down, but will always leave you stunned.



Riding the high-energy wave on the Fireball stage were pop punk outfit WSTR.

Their Fat Lip Fest set was a wild one, that’s for sure! Kicking things of with ‘Featherweight‘ the whole place was going wild right away, mosh-pit galore.

WSTR graced their old and new fans with a hit filled set, playing all the best bits from their debut album ‘Red, Green or Inbetween‘.

‘The next one is called ‘Fair Weather‘ and I wanna see you open up that space and run!’, singer Sammy Clifford addresses the crowd. The fans didn’t need to be told twice and set off a circle pit.

The Liverpudlian band have got the whole pop punk thing down to a T! WSTR seem to feed off the energy from their fans, constantly moving around on stage and also making sure that everyone in the room is having the time of their life.

It won’t be too long before WSTR will be bringing their pop punk extravaganza to big stages, so make sure to catch them on the smaller ones while you can!


Grumble Bee

Taking his guitar to the Alvarez acoustic stage was once again the lovely Mr Grumble Bee.

Forever picking up new fans during this shows, Grumble Bee aka Jack Bennett couldn’t even be stopped by a massive downpour. Rather than letting the fans getting drenched, Grumble Bee just got a bunch of them up on stage to shelter them from the rain and to accompany him throughout the set.

Needless to say, some of the fans were over the moon about this opportunity and happily sang along to Grumble Bee’s hits ‘Lapwing‘ and ‘Soft Filter, Black &White Picture‘.

As rain is a given at any UK festival, the remaining crowd put on a brave face and enjoyed the rest of the set. I would even go that far and say that the rain added a certain atmosphere to the acoustic set and made Grumble Bee’s rock ballads like ‘H.C.A.D.C.‘ stand out even more.

Having just played a sold-out acoustic show in London, the first half of 2017 is treating Grumble Bee very well and he has way more planned for the rest of the year. Watch out and listen to the nicest Bee in the rock world!



Back at the Bierkeller, Eastbourne pop-punkers ROAM were taking to the stage. Being greeted by a loyal fan base down the front, the five-piece was off to a great start.

Giving their debut album ‘Backbone ‘the live treatment, ROAM were up for a wild one, keeping the energy levels at the max throughout the entire set.

All The Same‘ causes a circle pit and fans and band lose themselves in the moment. Alex Costello constantly bounces up and down the stage and reaches out into the crowd, very much to liking of the fans.

Only taking it down a notch for the slower song ‘Tracks‘, ROAM show of that they are no stranger to smashing it with a good old pop-punk ballad!

ROAM prove that there is space in this music industry, for new pop punk bands to break through and give older ones a run for their money!

Young Guns

Time flies when you are having a good time and so it already happened to be time for the headliner. Young Guns had the honour of headlining the first ever fat Lip Fest, down at the Bristol Bierkeller.

Having been quiet for a while the Londoner five-piece is back in full force and closing Fat Lip fest in a big finale! A big crowd has gathered in front of the stage to give it their all one last time, and Young Guns didn’t let the festival punters down.

Delivering an energetic set, playing all the hits including the likes of ‘Bones‘, and ‘Bulletproof‘, Young Guns give the fans exactly what they waited for.

‘This next song is for all the great people we have lost over the last few months’ singer Gustav Wood speaks up and announces that Young Guns usually don’t do covers but felt that this was worth doing it, before launching into a beautiful rendition of the Foo Fighters ‘My Hero‘.

Lighters and phones instantly went up in the air, filling the room with a warm glow whilst band and fans sang their heart out to the famous lyrics.

Closing the festival on a high, Young Guns sent the punters into the night with fan favourite ‘I Want Out‘.


Fat Lip Fest, you have been truly amazing! You have been spoiling us with awesome music and so much talent.

Can we do it all again next year? Please? ☺



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