Dancing our lives away with SUNSET SONS // The Review

If your band name includes the word ‘sunset’ you might as well wait for a scorching hot summer day to play a sold out London set.  Surf rockers Sunset Sons hit London town again for a sold out show at Electrowerkz, and what a show it was!

With a slight delay, courtesy of the England football team making their way through to the world cup quarter finals, Sunset Sons made their way through the crowd onto the stage. The atmosphere at this point was already at a tipping point, all riled up from the football and all day sunshine the fans were beyond excited to let loose with the band.

Upon hearing the first chords of ‘She Wants’ the crowd sings the entire first part and chorus a capella, almost stealing the bands limelight. Fans and band almost play ping pong as their energy bounces of each other easily which created a buzzing atmosphere in the venue.

At some points Sunset Sons almost seem taken aback by what is happening, trying to process that they are playing a headline show in London that sold out in under 24hours, thanks to the dedicated fan base. Moments like these only make you like Sunset Sons even more.  They are just some good friends that happen to be quite amazing at crafting sun filled rock tunes and that is exactly how they approach the gig, as a big party with a bunch of friends.

It was so packed that some people could only barely fit into the room, however the lack of space didn’t stop the crowd from partying as Sunset Sons released a hit filled set upon them.

After giving an intoxicating performance of their new single ‘Running Man’, which was the first new material since the release of their debut album back in 2016, lead singer Rory Williams was overwhelmed as the crowd sang back every single word instantly.  With a huge smile across his face he turned to the crowd ‘I can’t believe you already know the words to this, London!’ and the crowd continued to cheer and sing even louder.

Taking it down a notch, Sunset Sons performed an outstanding beautifully rendition of ‘Dance Your Life Away’ which captured the beauty of this night perfectly in its composition.

Wrapping up this massive party with their biggest hits ‘Medicine’ and ‘On The Road’ there was no one left that was standing still. The big finale was all the fans could have ever dreamed of and one last time Sunset Sons invited their fans to party like there is no tomorrow and without hesitation the place went wild once again.

Providing the perfect soundtrack for summer, Sunset Sons had the crowd in the palm of their hands throughout the entire set. With their new EP RIVER on the cards, summer tunes galore are coming our way and we can only hope that Sunset Sons return for some more live shows very soon.


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