Communion Music On Tour – Joseph J. Jones // Banfi // Dan Croll

Last night Communion Music hosted an amazing showcase at the fairly new live music venue, Omeara, down in London Bridge, shining a light on three amazing artist from their impressive label roster.

As Omeara has space for only about 350 music lovers, the night was bound to be a rather intimate affair.

First up on the bill was the super talented Joseph J. Jones who wowed every single person in the room with his amazing voice. Blessed with a deep smooth voice that could equally work really well on some massive rock ballads, Joseph J. Jones blasts out his new material.

Songs like ‘The Dirt’ and ‘Put The Word Out’ had everyone hanging onto his lips, not daring to speak, afraid to break the beauty of the moment.

Getting more confident on stage by the minute, the singer songwriter didn’t hold back as he belted out ‘Speaking In Tongues’ towards the end.

Closing the set was Joseph J. Jones new single ‘Gospel Truth‘, another song giving his amazing voice room to simply impress.


Next up were East London based trio Banfi. Banfi’s happy easy indie vibes almost made you feel like summer is finally here. The chilled out ‘Happy When You Go‘ instantly put a smile on the crowd’s faces, as some where probably thinking of someone they happily sent off into oblivion.

Halfway through the set Joe Banfi announced that ever since the opening of Omeara in late 2016, they wanted to play this venue and tonight was the night their dream became true. Celebrating the occasion with dishing out their finest indie tunes, Banfi treated the crowds to the likes of ‘Where We Part‘ and ‘Future‘.

As ‘Rosedale House‘ marked the end of Banfi’s set, I swear a lot of people wanted to just go back to the start of the set and do it all over again!


Headlining the night was Liverpudlian singer songwriter Dan Croll. Almost looking somewhat shy at the start of his set, Dan opened up more and more over the course of his performance and even told the fans about his past as a rugby player.

His musical performance was just as exciting and fast paced as a Rugby match at one moment he would take it a bit slower with ‘Away From Today‘ just to spice it up with ‘Bad Boys‘.

Effortlessly blending indie rock with electronica pieces Dan Croll seemed to have mastered a unique funky sound. ‘The next one is called ‘Swim’ and the features me in a bath – so yeah!’, Dan joked and gave that song the live treatment.

Finishing his set on a high, Dan Croll closed the showcase with an extended smashing liver version of ‘Tokyo‘ that had the crowd dance and cherish the last moments of the gig.


All in all, Communion Music, have once again put on a great show that simply shows off the amazing talent they are constantly working with.





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