Clean Cut Kid – Secret London Gig!

Last night Clean Cut Kid were playing a secret set for the @London #Stageside series.

It all took place in the great live event venue of Cambridge Audio Network just South of London Bridge.

What better way is there to spruce up a boring Sunday evening with some well-made live music?


Having just released their debut album ‘Felt’, Clean Cut Kid are about to embark on a big UK headline tour, playing all over the country. Before playing their biggest ever headline show so far at Scala on Wednesday 10th May (get your tickets!), the lovely four-piece hit the stage and surprised a handful of fans with a great set.

Kicking it off with ‘Time To Let You Go’ and ‘Used To Be In Love’ the evening was off to a great start. One of my personal favourites from the debut album ‘Stay’ followed.

If you ask me – it is a secret banger! Coming across all upbeat and happy, the lyrics are actually more serious than the music makes you believe. But that is no reason not to sing along to it at the top of your voice.

After a little dance, Clean Cut Kid took it down a notch again with ‘Brother Of Mine’.

Upon first listen it reminded me of Bears Den, as the delicate guitars strum through the room. Evelyn’s and Mike’s harmonies blend beautifully on this track and this song is yet another prove that some tracks just need to be played live to show off their entire beauty.

During ‘Jean’ Mike gave the expression ‘intimate set’ a new meaning as he performed the song flawlessly. This little moment felt raw and honest and as the rest of the band joined in, it was almost tipping you over the edge.

As the set was nearing the end, Clean Cut Kid boshed out their recent single ‘Felt’ and the room was instantly in party mode. Hands got thrown into the air and feet were shuffling around as the indie banger picked up speed.

Staying on track with the great vibe, Mike, Evelyn, Ross and Saul performed ‘Pick Me Up’ , an old favourite that had the crowd singing along and bassist Saul jumping into the crowd, very much to the liking of the fans.

Sadly Clean Cut Kid left the stage after that and quickly ‘We Want More!’ chants erupted which the band was more than happy to please and quickly returned.

No Clean Cut Kid concert is complete with that special song that introduced a lot of people to the magic of the Liverpudlian band some time ago and so the gig ended in an epic finale of ‘Vitamin C’.

The size of the venue and the small audience gave the entire gig a rather special vibe. It almost felt like seeing your best friends perform in someone’s  basement. Which only reflects the nice personalities of the entire band. Always smiling, never taking anything for granted and at the same time, always making sure to give something back to the fans. So it was no surprise that all band members mingled with the crowd after the gig and shared some stories, selfies and a couple of drinks.

If you are still looking for a new band to fall in love with make sure to check out Clean Cut Kid, catch them on their ‘The Fuzzy Tour’ and make some new friends.



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