BUSTED – Night Driver Tour 2017 live in London – The Review!

The time finally had come, one of the best pop groups of the early 2000’s had been to the studio to record one hell of a ‘Comeback’ album and was now ready to share it live with their fans.

Having released their third studio album ‘Night Driver‘ in late 2016, Busted were embarking on a big European tour.

Coming back to a venue that is quite familiar to the band, Busted played the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith on Friday 2nd February 2017, over a decade after they first played the Apollo. The night was a sold out affair as fans were buzzing to hear the ‘new’ Busted live.

Upon entering the venue, one was instantly hit with a wave of excitement. The fans were on the edge, what was about to go down? How are the new songs gonna sound live? Will the lads be up for it? Are they gonna play my old favourites from my early teenage years?

Around 9pm Busted were ready to answer all these questions. Opening up with ‘Kids With Computers‘ the thunderous chanting almost cancelled out the first lines of the song. The fans were clearly happy to see their lads back on stage in unison. Right from the start the packed Eventim Apollo was heaving.

Leaving no time to breathe, Busted instantly followed up with the synth-pop banger ‘Thinking Of You‘. The new material was well received by the crowd which wasn’t a surprise to anyone. With the majority of the loyal fan base being now somewhat grown up 90’s kids, who grew up with some glorious 80’s synth tunes thanks to older siblings or parents with a great musical taste, the new Busted sound was truly a blessing.

Lead single of the new ‘Night Driver‘ album, ‘On What You’re On‘ is far from the old pop-punk halcyon days, it comes around with a more mature, funky sexy beat and a chorus that just makes you wanna hit the dancefloor and get lost in the sound of the song for quite a while.

The new reinvented Busted sound is the perfect marriage of old pop Busted blended with grown up mature synth influences. However, they still haven’t lost their magic, as the reaction to some old hits proves.

Excited screams cut through the songs, as some of the fans without doubt relived their glorious early teenage days as the familiar sounds of ‘Air Hostess‘ ring through the venue.

The crowd is going wild for the old classics and James Bourne can’t hide the massive grin as the fans sing the first lines to ‘Crashed The Wedding‘ drowning his voice out completely. Judging by the happy smiles on Matt Willis, Charlie Simpsons and James’ face, the lads are more than overwhelmed by the support of their fans.

It is no secret that fans tend to grow up with their favourite band but it is not a given that once a band adapts a new sound, the fans embrace it and are on board right from the start as it is the case with Busted and the ‘Night Driver‘ record.

Having speckled their set list tactically with old and new songs in turns, saw Charlie, Matt and James swapping their guitars for keyboards and synth every now and then. Proving once more that their talent goes beyond singing about high school teachers.

Throughout the whole set Busted look pretty content, they seem to have found common ground again and undergone a massive development musically and personally.

The fans thank them as they sing their hearts out during synth-pop antidote for a hangover ‘New York‘ and the epic mellow ‘Coming Home‘.

Even a decade later, Busted can’t get around playing fan favourites ‘Year 3000‘ and ‘What I Go To School For‘. Needless to say, the whole room goes crazy. Matt and James sneak in a good old jump, just like in the old days and the fans are still word perfect even after so many years, and probably always will be.

Change is good, change is what keeps life interesting, but sometimes all you want is to reminisce and think about your crazy trip to ‘Year 3000‘.

Make sure to catch Busted on their Night Driver tour, it’s all you could ever want and probably even more!


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