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Hi there,

I am Mel and I run this amazing music blog. 

Back in 2014 I started ‘Mels Jukebox’ to share my love for great bands and even better live music experiences. The musical range on this blog is rather wide, as I am a firm believer that if you limit yourself to only one genre, you are clearly missing out on some great music.

As a general indicator, if you are quite fond of anything with a guitar on it, Mels Jukebox is the right place for. This blog gives new talent a platform to showcase their talent, as well as featuring established artists that are just too good to not be talked about.



So, what to expect?


…Concert Reviews

Mels Jukebox brings you live music reviews from concerts in London and beyond. So if you couldn’t go to a gig, this blog gives you the chance to relive the concert and provides you with all the information you need to know. After reading, it is almost like you have been there.

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…Festival Reviews

Missed out on those festival tickets? No need to worry, I’ve got you covered! Mels Jukebox is always super busy during festival season to ensure as many festivals as possible can be covered and all the festival fan can be shared with you – the readers.

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…Artist Interviews

Every now and then I get together with the hottest new acts around and we get our chat on. Mels Jukebox interviews are funny, informative and always give you an insight on what is going on in your favourite musician’s world.

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…Musical Adventure

There are always things in life that can’t be labeled, so you can find all my other musical adventures like Award Shows, Film Premieres or Musical Reviews and beyond bundled up in this neat collection.

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So, who is Mel?

I am Mel!

A music lover, concert addict and passionate festival goer. Living in London, the musical hub of the UK, is obviously an advantage when it comes to heading to a lot of concerts. However, I also like to travel, so from time to time, you can find me at gigs all over the country. Moreover, I do have links to Germany which means that festival / concert reviews from German soil can crop up every now and then.


Have a question?

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Feel free to send me a mail if you want to get in touch. Have a new band that is worth shouting about? Is your band going on tour and you’re stopping over in London? Feel chatty and want to be interviewd by me? Just wanna say Hi?

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Please note that I don’t do EP/Single/Album reviews!


Welcome to Mels Jukebox – enjoy the madness!