A music lovers gift guide

Whether you are on the hunt for a nice birthday present for your music obsessed girlfriend / boyfriend or if Christmas is just around the corner and you are still in the need of a gift for your loved ones, fear not!

My little gift guide for music lovers will sort you out! All gifts are affordable, practical and will make any music fans happy!


For the rock star to be…

Guitar pens

Got any rock music fans in your group of friends and family? Brighten up their dull day at work with a fancy Guitar Pen!

Make them the rockstar of the office and have all the colleagues envy them for the cool pens. And should they ever feel the need to rock out at the desk, they got their guitars at the ready 😉


For the vinyl lover…

Vinyl Coasters

So you need to buy a present for your vinyl obsessed mate and don’t know what to get? Their vinyl collection is already massive and you don’t want to risk buying duplicates?

How about some more vinyl… for their kitchen? These Vinyl Coasters will keep their table at home clean as well as saving the office desk from a big disaster with a hot cuppa.

You can’t really go wrong with a fancy coaster!


For the concert lover…

Professional Ear Plugs

Don’t know what to buy for an avid gig goer? Ear plugs might not seem like the obvious choice but hearing protection is a serious topic when regularly going to gigs, as you don’t really want to wreck your hearing only to no longer be able to go to gigs when you’re older simply because you can’t hear anymore.

I can whole heartedly recommend the ACS Pacato 19 ear plus! These discrete ear plugs are my must haves when going to a gig these days, as they simply filter out all the nasty bits and leave you with a clean non-muffled sound. The hearing protection comes in a pack with two sizes to cater for everyone’s needs. Another good thing is that the ACS Pacato 19 do not muffle the sound, so you can enjoy the great live music unaltered.

Moreover, you can have normal conversations as you will be able to understand everything around you clearly.

These nifty ear plugs should be every concert lovers best friend!


For the book lover…

Kill Your Friends – John Niven

Everyone that says they are ‘ a massive music fan ‘ or actually work in the music industry should read John Niven’s best seller ‘Kill Your Friends’ at least once.

In the book Niven tells the story of a London based A&R guy during the height of Britpop and his way to make it to the top. Niven is known for his blunt writing style, never beating around the bush and at the same time being so extremely entertaining it is hard to put the book down.

I have read my copy of ‘Kill Your Friends‘ numerous times, hence why it looks a bit rough, and it never gets boring as every time the book shines the spotlight on a new undiscovered layer of the mystic music business.

Fact is, ‘Kill Your Friends’ is some sort of bible for everyone that has at least one foot in the music industry door.


For the karaoke star…

Waterproof Shower Speaker

Know someone who never turns down a karaoke night or a pop star to be who’s audience is the shower curtain and some bottles of shampoo?

Nurture their careers and surprise them with a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, so they can polish their bodies as well as their voices at the same time.

A Bluetooth shower speaker is a must have for a music lovers bathroom, as it stops the phone from a slow but painful death due to the humid climate in the bath room, as it simply connects with any Smartphone via Bluetooth.

Support a pop star in the making and let them sing their heart out in the shower.


For the drinks lover…

Band Beer + Bottle Opener

No gift guide would be complete without the mention of some alcoholic beverages.

A lot of artists, especially within the broad rock genre, have come up with their own range of drinks over the years.

So why not gift a nice drink in combination with a Guitar Shaped Bottle Opener?

Every Iron Maiden fan would be happy to receive a nice bottle of the bands very own brew ‘Trooper’ and a nice little guitar bottle opener. Plus, everyone needs a bottle opener in their life, so why not one that rocks?


Happy shopping!


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