A Music Lovers City Guide to … Hamburg

Hamburg, gorgeous harbour city of northern Germany. A place with loads of water and an even bigger musical history.
On my recent trip to Hamburg I made it my mission to find the best hot spots for music lovers. I came back with a suitcase full of interesting things to do in Hamburg that no music fan should miss!
Let me take you on an alternative journey through the streets of Hamburg filled with all the best bits to please your music lover heart.
All these places are mentioned in order, so you can easily explore the music route of Hamburg by foot in one day.

Let’s start our Hamburg trip!


Beatles Platz

Let’s start with some proper music history. Beatles in Hamburg, Liverpool would make more sense?, you might wonder, but the Fab Four spend a good two years in Hamburg during the 1960s.
‘I might have been born in Liverpool – but I grew up in Hamburg.’ John Lennon once said and even to this day a load od Beatles related history can be found all over Hamburg. One of the must see places is probably ‘Beatles Platz’ at one end of the Reeperbahn.
Even if you are not a massive Beatles fan, it’s a nice place to stop by, plus the Beatles memorial gives you countless photo opportunities.
Just be warned, if you are planning to visit in the evening the place is likely to be crowded by hoards of party people, so better swing by during the day.

And if you need even more Beatles in your Hamburg life, check out the lovely Stefanie Hempel and her guided Beatles Tour around St.Pauli and the Reeperbahn! She will walk, talk and sing you through the time the fab four relentlessly played the stages of Hamburg!



A short walk from Beatles Platz takes you north through St. Pauli and straight into Karolinenviertel (or Karo-Viertel as locals might refer to it). This colourful area of Hamburg is known for its amazing independet shops and great restaurants, cafes and pubs.
It is also known for being the home to one of the most unique vinyl shops out there. But why?, you might ask. Cause, Hanseplatte exclusively stocks artists from Hamburg! You will find plenty Hamburg born an bread musicians, Hamburg labels and a collection of artists that the Hamburg music scene loves.
Hanseplatte also sells some amazing merch from local music venues, unique jewllery made in Hamburg and other unusual goodies. You can easily spend loads of money at Hanseplatte, that’s for sure! But if you do, you can be certain that everyone else will envy you for your unusual finds.
But thats not all! On top of the vast collection of the finest Hamburg music, Hanseplatte regulary hosts small in store gigs. So make sure to check out who’s playing before heading down, you might be in for a treat!


Lockengelöt / Lockengeloet

Just a stone throw away from Hanseplatte, you will find another gem that any music lover should visit! Lockengeloet is a unique independent shop on Marktstrasse that has made it its mission to upcycle old vinyl and oil drums from the Hamburg harbour.
If you are a vinyl lover make sure to head down to Lockengeloet and check out their exclusive range of clocks, lamps, bowls and so much more. In need to add a rock n roll touch to your bathroom? Check out Lockengeloets amazing toilet roll holder, made from old vinyl. You can’t get any more rock n roll than that!
The shop is run by two friends Carsten and Dennis who came up with the idea of upcycling old oil drums, years ago. Lockengeloet is full of unique things and makes you marvel at all the weird and wonderful things. Got a question? The shop team will happily talk you thorugh all of their products and their creation in their own Hamburg workshop.
If you love music and vinyl, make sure to stop by at Lockengelöt on your next Hamburg trip and pick up those eggcupps handmade from old vinyl. They sure will outshine everything on for your next Sunday brunch back at home.


Uebel & Gefährlich / Uebel & Gefaehrlich

Ever wanted to see a gig in an old WW2 bunker? Uebel & Gefährlich should be your venue of choice! The impressive overground bunker proudly looms over Hamburgs Karolinenviertel, overlooking the St. Pauli football stadium.
Uebel & Gefaehrlich has three different music venues, the Ballsall, Turmzimmer and the roof terrace (which will give you a nice view over St. Pauli) and as everything in Hamburg, the bunker has gigs on for music fans from every genre.
upon entering the massive concrete walls you can either take the impressive spiral staircase or get the lift upstairs. As this is an actual bunker you expect to not have any phone connection, but if you’re dancing your feet off at a gig that shouldn’t really bother you.
And if you’re planning to visit the bunker during the day, the bunkers own music store ‘Just Music’ will sort you out.


Reeperbahn Festival

Should your trip to Hamburg coincide with Reeperbahn Festival, which is hosted every year in September (usually across the third week), you need to get yourself tickets as soon as possible! Reeperbahn Festival takes over several venues along the Reeperbahn and its many side streets and brings you a musical explosion of the freshest new talent from Germany and all across the world.
In numbers that means over 500 concerts in more than 70 venues across 4 days, not too shabby eh? Honestly, just go and enjoy Reeperbahn Festival for what it is, a celebration of new exiting music. You will get access to the best venues in Hamburg (looking at you, Uebel & Gefährlich) meet a bunch of amazing people and probably fall in love with your new favourite band.
Moreover you get access to the festival village where you can chill out and discover even more music, see amazing films check out even more music related festival experiences.
This festival is definitely a MUST for any music lover in Hamburg, regardless of what genre you like. Reeperbahn Festival caters for every music taste! And for the day trippers and spontaneous travellers, single day tickets to the festival are also available!

Further festivals to check out whilst in Hamburg and surrounding areas: MS Dockville, Hurricane Festival, Wacken Open Air and Hanse Song!


I hope you enjoyed this little musical round trip across Hamburgs music history and landmarks!

Know any other music related hot spots that are a must see for any Hamburg visit?

Let me know in the comments 🙂



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