3 for 2! – With Mikey Demus from SKINDRED

3 for 2! is a new format where I throw three questions at an artist, challenging them to answer all of them within the two minutes mark.

The first round goes to the super cool Mikey Demus from SKINDRED!

Skindred have just been on the ‘Sound The Siren’ UK tour and this time you played smaller venues, unlike during your headline tour in 2015.
Was that a conscious decision to target smaller venues?

Absolutely. The beauty of being able to do both is amazing. In the larger cities you can put on all kinds of production, put you’re heart and soul into lights, staging all that sort of stuff.
But you miss the intimacy of getting up close and sweatty with your die hard, hardcore fanbase. So we are doing the underplay shows to get in front of those people, you get to meet people and showcase some new stuff perhaps. We love being able to both.
Not everyone in a smaller city can get to a bigger place so we like to bring what we do to everybody. We wanna play everywhere, and this is our way of doing it!

You have played so many life shows over the years, is there one concert that particularly stands out?

I think playing Brixton Academy on our last headline run of the UK is a real milestone for me personally . When I was a kid I saw Slipknot there, I saw Tool there, I saw Deftones and Limp Bizkit at Brixton when I was 17 / 18 years old. To think that we are on a level that we can play Brixton Academy and fill that room up, means a lot to me.
And I would love to be able to that and continue doing that.

If I would give you a ticket to see a concert of your choice, by any artist no matter if they are still touring, alive or together as a group.
Where would you like to go and why?

Jimmy Hendrix Experience. Greenwich Village, New York 1960’s. That kind of thing. Because it is pretty legendary stuff!




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