2000 Trees – Interviewing The Bottom Line

On the last day of 2000 Trees I hung out with pop punkers The Bottom Line. Cal (vocals), Tom (guitar), Max (bass) and Matt (drums) were on top form and we chatted about crazy live shows and bonded over our mutual love for Blink182.

It’s 2000 Trees time, the best time of the year and you’re about to hit the NEU stage later today, how are you feeling?

Cal: We arrived like three hours ago and we have never been here before, but we have heard it is the best ever.

Tom: We have never had a bad word about 2000 Trees. Industry and punters alike are always raving about it. So it is nice to finally come here and be able to embrace it. We had about an hour to wander around and check everything out.

Will we be hearing loads of bangers from your recent release ‘No Vacation’ during your Trees set?

Max: Hopefully! If we play them right! 😀

Tom: The stage manager from the stage that we are playing later is wearing a shirt which says ‘Stop Defending Pop Punk’ so that should be good.

As festival sets are a bit unpredictable, there will be people in the crowd later today that might have never heard of ‘The Bottom Line’ before, how would you best describe your band to them so that they instantly fall in love with you?

Matt: We’re gonna get them involved.

Cal: That’s the one thing we thrive on. We have never played a show where we didn’t get the crowd interacting with us.

Matt: It’s just high energy and good fun.

Cal: Everyone bounces off each other. We bounce off the crowd, the crowd bounces off us!

Tom: The harder the crowd go, the harder we go!

Max: I really hope that the people that come and check us out will leave the tent with a big smile on their faces and will be knackered.

What’s the most bonkers show you ever played?

Cal: We played a show in Prague! We were the main support for The Offspring. It was an icehockey arena, about 7000 people, it was mad.

It was right before our American tour, so flew straight to America after that show and we were pumped!

Matt: It was wild!

Tom: It’s one of those things as a kid even playing in a band, you think maybe one day I will do something crazy like this. But I don’t think I ever told myself ‘One day I will support The Offspring!’

Cal: We played that venue before on a tour with Simple Plan. Opening up directly after the doors opened, so played a venue that was just filling up. And going from that to being main support and playing to 7000 people, for us that was just insane!

Max: It didn’t really kick in until we were in America, and we figured ‘Holy shit, we just played with The Offspring. In an arena!

You know how some people like to say, ‘Pop punk is dead’. But is it though?What would you tell someone that dares to say these things?

Cal: If anything, it is growing and growing now! All those nostalgic pop punk bands are hitting their 15, 20 years anniversary stages and they go on big tours and bring the new bands up. It is bringing the scene up more and more.

We have done a few big anniversary tour supports in the last few years and it has been amazing for us.

Tom: And also the bands that were catching up to 50 people a few years ago now playing arenas. If the scene was dead, that definitely wouldn’t be there.

Max: I think it is thriving. Especially with bands like Neck Deep who are breaking the commercial barrier, I think it is such an accessible genre. Some lyrics are a bit deeper, but it is not to heavy to get into.

You list amongst others Blink 182 as your influences on your Facebook page, Blink are my favourite band, so which Blink song, you wish you had written?

Cal: I think it is weird being into pop punk and not being into Blink 182 and Green Day, the founder of pop punk! Even though, Green Day hate saying they are pop punk, but without them there wouldn’t be all these bands and a subgenre build up for them.

Back in the day we used to be and English version of Blink, everyone would say we were the same band, but we have definitely come away from that and taken the right bit from the sound and made it into our own.

If you could pick one Blink 182 song that you could have written, which one would you pick?

Max: Going Away To College!

Matt: Always.

Cal: Dumpweed!

Are there any other pop punk bands that you would like to go on a tour with?

Cal: We’d like to get on the road with WSTR. We have actually played a show ith them before and we know them pretty well. They are smashing it. Neck Deep, would be cool to get on the road with them again.

Max: State Champs would be incredible to play with!

While at 2000 Trees I have also chatted to Kaya from Blood Youth, who has a question for you guys. He wants to know; if you had to erase one song from your band history forever, which one would it be?

All: Record Player!

Tom: We have played it 4000 times. We used to play it every show, since it came out. We have played it at every practice and just when we got to it, we would sing it in different voices or Matt would play the drums differently. It was just the longest 3 and a half minutes of our day!

Cal: We can play that song without playing our elbows!

It was so much fun chatting to the lads and sharing so many laughs ahead of their incredible live set later that day (click here if you wanna know what went down). If you agree that the pop punk scene is thriving do yourself the favour and listen to The Bottom Line’s new album ‘No Vacation’ …. and all of their other stuff! 😀


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