2000 Trees Festival – The Review – Thursday 2017

Another weekend another festival…

Not so much when it come to 2000 Trees Festival! This rock music festival is a real gem in the world of rock festivals.

Tucked away on Upcote Farm in Cheltenham 2000 Trees is the home to 10,000 music lovers every second weekend of July. Now running in its 11th year, the festival has managed to keep its unique personal touch.

If asked most festival goers would probably describe the whole festival as ‘such a nice and friendly place with amazing music’.

And that pretty much sums up 2000 Trees in a nutshell.


First day of the festival is always the Thursday which is pretty much an alumni day which hosts a selection of amazing bands that have played 2000 Trees the year prior.

So how about kicking off the festival with a nice set by Muncie Girls?


Muncie Girls

Heading up The Cave stage, the trio seems pretty up for having a bit of festival fun. Despite punters still arriving onsite, the tent is quiet crowded and the first ciders are being chugged.

Gracing the festival crowd with a hit filled set including ‘ Learn In School‘ and ‘Respect‘. Dean, Luke and Lande seemed pretty happy to be back on stage at ‘Trees’ which they mentioned throughout their set and wore the smiles to prove it.

Muncie Girls even treated their fans to a new song called ‘Locked Up‘ which sounded absolutely banging!

At some point through the set ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ chants erupted, and prompted singer Lande to react with a ‘I love Jeremy Corbyn, but this next song isn’t about that.’, before launching into ‘Gone In The Wind‘.


Mallory Knox

Later on in the day it was time to hide from the sun in the gorgeous forest. The forest stage set up gets better every year! This place is just magical and with a few Ciders down, you’re probably even see some fairies mucking about.

However, the forest stage is also famous for putting big bands on a teeny tiny stage and having them play superb acoustic sets. Thursday evening, before their headliner slot, Mallory Knox popped by and performed a stunning acoustic set.

Mikey and Sam took to stage and blew everyone away with their amazing acoustic rendition of ‘Better Of without You, ‘Midnight‘ and ‘Oceans‘. The fans were beautifully singing along to the hits. This entire performance was only a teaser of what was to come from the Mallory Knox headline set.

All I can say is, that they totally smashed it later on!


Grumble Bee

2000 Trees wouldn’t be 2000 Trees if it wouldn’t have small stages set up within their campsites, giving the expression ‘intimate set’ a new meaning.

It was close to midnight as Grumble Bee headed to the stage at Camp Reuben to play a late night set for the campers. Having opened up the festival earlier during the day, it was a completely new experience for the fans to see Grumble Bee performing in such a small space.

Grumble Bee is no stranger to a banging acoustic set, having played the Forest stage last year and with his own acoustic headline show coming up in late July, Grumble Bee aka Jack Bennett knows how to wow the fans. Switching from the stage to playing in the centre of the crowd, Grumble Bee performed a lovely set of his hits at the middle of the night.

The small tent was crowded by his fans who all sang their hearts out to hits like ‘Francium‘ and ‘H.C.A.D.C.’, very much to the liking of a smiling and genuinely chuffed Grumble Bee.



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