2000 Trees Festival – The Review – Friday 2017

The second day of 2000 Trees festival had a lot of amazing performances up its sleeve. So here is a selection of my highlights…



First act of the day were the lovable weirdo’s from VUKOVI who were due to tear up The Axiom on this sunny Friday!

Opening up their energetic set with ‘Prey’ that had the crowded tent going crazy right away. Lead singer Janine got up close and personal with the fans throughout the set, doing selfies, reaching out to the fans and generally putting big smiles on everyone’s face.

When the Scottish four-piece went on to play ‘Weirdo‘ the whole tent went into a meltdown. Mosh pits erupted, fans climbed on their mates shoulders as everyone sang the outsider anthem in unison. Band and fans were carving out a big fat mark for all the weirdos out there, proving that were all a bit mad and Vukovi have just gone sound tracked the new anthem for the community.

VUKOVI were on fire and delivered a powerful set and Janine proofed what a great rock star she is, completely owning the stage and having the entire crowd in the palm of her hands.




Next up were brother and sister duo Steph and Paul O’Sullivan, better known as the kickass musical powerhouse Greywind. The two hit up the NEU stage on Friday afternoon and played a ground breaking set.

Going in for the kill with ‘Safe Haven‘, which showed off Steph’s amazing vocals. Moreover it was a clear sign that Greywind are here to conquer the rock world. With their heavy, yet atmospheric melodies paired with the sharp cries of Steph, Greywind easily lure you in to their own world of musical magic.

Adding ‘Desolate‘ and ‘Car Spin‘ to their set went down well with the fans who sung their hearts out throughout the entire gig.

Their first ever 2000 Trees performance marked the exact same day three years ago, when Greywind uploaded their single ‘Afterthoughts‘. What better way to celebrate this anniversary than with a banging festival set?



Dave Hause

One of the best gigs of 2000 Trees was by none other than Dave Hause! Combining Rock and Roll with Punk and Americana in an effortlessly cool way, Dave Hause and his band The Mermaid showed the festival punters how to have a good time.

The festival stint was the last performance of their long tour, but energy levels were still on a massive high. The Axiom tent was packed for Dave Hause’s set and the crowd was down to party.

The Flinch‘ from the newest record ‘Bury Me In Philly‘ sounded huge live and had the whole place going crazy. Dave Hause was bouncing all over the stage and constantly reaching out for contact with his fans.

At one time he made a fans biggest dream come true as he handed over the microphone to a super fan who couldn’t believe his luck but managed to stay cool and finish the lyrics. Judging by the massive smile on the boys face, he just had the time of his life!

Dave Hause couldn’t contain himself and jumped into the crowd during ‘We Could Be Kings‘ and crowd surfed for the rest of the song. With this festival performance, Dave Hause made sure to show everyone that he knows a thing or two about Rock n Roll, which I can confirm whole heartedly!



Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Over at on the main stage Frank Carter was getting the festival crowd hot and sweaty with his raucous set.

Delivering a proper good punk rock show with loads of moshing, crowdsurfing and general carnage,  to the hits of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes recent record ‘Modern Ruin‘.

During ‘Wild Flowers‘ Frank Carter encouraged all the ladies in the crowd to take this chance if they have never had the chance to crowd surf before cause they didn’t feel save. ‘This is your chance!’ Frank announced. And the ladies delivered!

The biggest circle pit I have ever witnessed happened during ‘Jackals‘ when Frank Carter challenged the crowd to start a circle pit that goes around the FOH sound desk and what can I say? Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ fans went for it! Engulfing the sound engineer desk the masses were running wild into the sunset.



Nothing But Thieves

Friday night headliners were the amazing Nothing But Thieves, who have etched themselves straight into my heart with their stunning gig.  If they wouldn’t have mentioned it, no one would have known that this amazing set was their debut as festival headliners.

The alternative rock outfit from Essex sound tracked the Friday night of 2000 Trees beautifully. Their unique sound showed its true colours during their hits ‘Wake Up Call‘, ‘Itch‘ and ‘Sorry‘.

One of the highlight of the Nothing But Thieves gig was when lead singer Conor Mason got a young fan on stage to help him with the lyrics to ‘Trip Switch‘. Being a total rock star, little Freddy totally nailed his performance and left the whole crowd in awe.

During their festival stint it became clear that Nothing But Thieves had earned their spot on the festival headliner list. They constantly outdid themselves during their set and the fans thanked them with massive sing alongs.

Their stunning headline slot peaked with a pitch perfect performance of recent single ‘Amsterdam‘, which saw band and fans giving it their all one last time that night!

Expect to see a lot more Nothing But Thieves headline slots in the future after that ground-breaking gig!



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