2000 Trees Festival – Interviewing WOES

I was losing time with Sean Duddy (Bass + Vocals) and David ‘DJ’ Jess (Vocals) from WOES at 2000 Trees Festival. We talked about their favourite songs and their weird and wonderful experience whilst touring Europe.

Shots are by the lovely Nici Eberl Photography!

Read your heart out!

Hi Lads, let’s dive straight in finish the sentence for me please…

WOES are…

Sean: The best band that came out in the last two years. That’s not true, that’s just the first thing that came to mind. We are not the best band ever, that’s very important to notice. Just the best band that came out in that specific time frame.

Playing 2000 Trees was…

DJ: Absolutely nothing short of an incredible experience and a dream come true!

Our EP ‘Self Help’ is called like that because…

DJ: It is named like that because it helped me. It was cathartic for me.

Sean: It was a very important process in our lives, it was very difficult to complete and get over the line and I am glad we did it. We are a stronger band as a result.

During the recording of the EP…

Sean: First of all, we recorded the lion share ourselves. Throughout the recording we got announced as support for Neckdeep so the pressure exponentially rose from there. And then we got signed and then it really rose from there. It went from just ‘Ok we will do the second EP ourselves’ to ‘This second EP has to be good!’ . Otherwise we would have wasted a really amazing opportunity. So that’s why it was a difficult time for us. I am proud of the record and proud of the work we put in.

Favourite song to perform live…

DJ: High On You

Sean: Losing Time

DJ: Oh, I like Losing Time too!

Sean: Dude, everyone knows it’s Losing Time! Like see when we play Losing Time in the set and it is quite near the end now. And when we get to the end and you are just like ‘It’s Losing Time time!’ . First of all, we have been playing it for ages, second it’s a fun song to play and third people love it! And again, the song is played near the end of the set so we are actually losing time here. I get quite nervous when I play it, you kind of put on that iron barrier of nothing is gonna affect me whatsoever, but it does. No matter how hard you try not to think about it, you are always aware that you are playing to quite a lot of people. But when you get to Losing Time you know that everyone loves the song and is here for a good time, so yeah. I love Losing Time.

The best band we have toured with so far…

Sean: Neckdeep are our homeboys for life! And special mention to fucking Seaway! They were just the nicest guys ever. They are our Canadian bros.

DJ: We didn’t tour with the them but played a bunch of festivals with Trashboat in the same week and we got on really fucking well.

Sean: And obviously us an WSTR go way back, cause we got that same connection so it’s always good to play with them. But honestly, I love each band that we have toured with. We have been incredibly lucky to tour with such amazing bands.

One band we would love to tour with in the future…

Sean: Post Malone. Because he is incredible and I love his music. And I think as the band grows older and more mature our sound will inevitably change cause our taste changes as well. You’ll see when the album comes out!

DJ: I would love to tour with Bon Iver, cause they are my favourite band.

Future sounds of WOES…

Sean: We do love pop punk and it has a very special place in our hearts as we grew up playing it. But as we get older and when we write songs we are deliberately trying to not to sound like classic pop punk these days, cause it has just been done before. So expect pop punk but hopefully with a new original twist. Because what’s the point of doing something that someone else has already perfected.

The weirdest thing we have done as a band…

DJ: We are pretty boring though.

Sean: Nah, we range from pretty boring to totally unpodcastable at all. There is no in-between.

Touring Europe was just a strange experience in general. We were on the Frank Carter tour, we were playing to people that had never heard of us.

DJ: And the music that we play is not super popular in Europe. It is mainly rock and metal out there. But it is getting better for pop punk. A lot of people not only didn’t know who we were they just didn’t really understand what we were playing. They never heard it before.

Sean: But they did like the energy!

DJ: And the swearing!

Sean: And what is so weird about it is that we went from thinking a 3 hour drive between venues is long and before we know it is 10 hours between venues in Europe and we need to leave at 7 o’clock in the morning just to get there for the afternoon. And then you eat a lot of food that you’re not used to and you don’t speak all the languages. And then you go to certain places in France where they don’t even speak any English and you’re just like ‘Damn!’. But I like the adventure, it was weird but it was wonderful!

Three reasons why people should listen to WOES…

DJ: One, so that we can have a career in music.

Two, we are a genuinely good band that is worth your time.

And three, if you listen to our music backwards there is a secret message!


Thanks for your time lads!




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