2000 Trees Festival – Interviewing WEIRDS

With 2000 Trees Festival to kick off in a weeks time it is time to get to know one of the bands on the bill a bit better. I caught up with bass player Matt Vaughan  and guitarist Zach Thomas from WEIRDS and we talked about their debut album and what it means for a band to have their social media profiles hacked.


Hey Weirds, could you please introduce your band to the readers of ‘Mels Jukebox’?

Zach: Hey! We’re Weirds from Leeds and we play Psychedelic Rock!


Would you say, your band name relates to your unique musical style?

Zach: Not intentionally no, we just chose a name we were all happy with. We definitely don’t go about writing music like nah that’s not weird enough – haha!


You have just released you debut album ‘Swarmculture’ in May 2017, could you explain how the songs for the album came together?

Matt: We wanted to create an album which when listened to in full would create a bit of an aural journey. Although there are singles on the album they are embedded intentionally within it. It all came together not long before we recorded it in March 2016 after a long period of finding a sound we were happy with.


And how was the recording process?

Matt: Long and arduous – haha, but of course very rewarding. Even though we had recorded the ‘Weird Sun’ EP and a few two track single records I don’t think we really appreciated how much physical and mental work is needed to record an album in a continuous chunk of time. ‘The Nave’ where we recorded is a beautiful studio with an enormous live room which helped a lot by warding off the cabin fever, Matt Peel was very supportive and did a great job. I think we’ve all come out of it as better musicians though and of course with a debut album which we’re proud of.


You have been victims of a hacker attack on your social media quite recently. This must have been pretty bad. But did you manage to get something good out of the whole experience?

Matt: Probably the only good thing is that Facebook sorted us out with a replacement page. Although the people who liked the page under its hacked state are still counted on our new page and we’re trying to sift through them to get it back to its original state. In fairness to the support team at Facebook, they did eventually get on top of it but still, it makes you wonder how it was so easily accessed in the first instance. It’s something you have to laugh about in the end as it’s not the end of the world – haha!


Have you changed your way of interacting with fans online since the hacker attack?

Matt: Not really no. As we said we’re still trying to reduce the number of possible fake profiles or just people who love viral videos as, in the end it reduces the amount of info that our original fans will see. Sadly there’s not really another platform that is as successful as Facebook at exposing bands to a worldwide audience.


Festival season is in full swing and you will be heading to 2000 Trees Festival in July, where you’ll be opening the Axiom stage on Friday. Are you excited about that?

Matt: We’re all excited to play 2000 Trees, it’s been a festival we always wanted to go to and now we’re playing it \m/


Speaking about the festival, are you sticking around to catch some more act? And if so, who should everyone be checking out?

Matt: Yeah we’re sticking around. Hoping to catch the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses, Feed the Rhino (guilty pleasure), Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and Puppy, but also hopefully some great bands we’ve never listened to or heard of before!


Get in the zone and check out Weirds recent single ‘Phantom‘!


Thanks for your time and catch you live soon!


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