2000 Trees Festival – Interviewing SHVPES

After SHVPES officially opened up 2000 Trees 2018 I caught up with drummer Harry Jennings and talked all about the new album, his love for Justin Bieber and why being the odd one out does pay off!

Read all about it below!


Hi Harry,

You have just opened up ‘The Cave’ here at 2000 Trees, how does it feel to have the honour?

It’s an honour really. 2000 Trees is one of my favourite festivals, its small enough that you can get around easily. I just love this festival, I got really good friends here like our boys in Press To MECO who played earlier.

Because sometimes it can be hard to open up, but judging from your performance you didn’t really have an issue with that.

That’s what we were worried about. But the tent was packed! People were singing along, starting mosh pits, getting involved. You can’t ask for anything more really! Great show, great atmosphere, we loved it.

Let’s talk new album. You were initially going for the mix tapes approach but have decided to scrap that and bring out a full album instead. Why the sudden change of heart?

So it is a bit of a backtrack this one. The whole thing wasn’t gonna be coming out until early next year and we just couldn’t sit on it for that long. We are too proud of it and too excited about it and we know everyone else is gonna be mega excited about it aswell. So, why wait? It’s silly. There is no point in waiting. We brought it all forward, we can play some more songs live. We are mad excited about it. It’s a backtrack, but it’s a good one!

Talk me through why your second album is gonna be ‘Greater Than’ anything SHVPES have released in the past?

I guess, the whole (band) logo is the greater than symbol and the whole idea behind it really is just to kind of always trying to do better. Always trying to be greater than what you have done before. I think every band has that aim. They always wanna outdo themselves and we feel we really shocked ourselves on what we have managed to come up with. It is just so much more mature, it is just greater than!

What was the biggest difference to recording the new album compared to the first one?

We knew what we wanted going in. On the last album there were a lot of things that weren’t completed and some of the biggest songs of the last album ended up sounding completely different in the end. This time around, we spend loads more time demoing. Writing. Rewriting. Then rewriting the rewrite. It was a lot more thought trough and we knew what we wanted and we went with same producer, so we already knew how we each work together.

You blend a lot of musical styles with rock, but if playing rock wasn’t an option, what musical direction would SHVPES take then?

Hip Hop! Straight away. We are all massive metal fans and we have all grown up on it. It’s my number one love. But at the same time, I do love my rap music and our guitarist is a big grime fan. We are all into all sorts of music. But I do love me some Justin Bieber. I don’t care, I think the guy is mega talented. I love pop music, I love reggae. But it is metal first and Hip Hop second.

Do you feel that mixing hip-hop, metal and alternative rock together sometimes makes it harder for you to ‘fit in’ to a certain scene, or do you simply not care about that at all?

It is a real struggle these days to separate yourself from everyone else. The music industry is so oversaturated these days, that sometimes bands do these weird things just to try to be different. It is never a bad thing that you can’t pigeonhole someone. I love it when someone can’t pigeonhole us. I think SHVPES have always had that, even I don’t know what genre we are anymore.

If you could record a split EP with any artist / band dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

I would love to something with Drake, Justin Bieber or Little Lucifer. Hit me up guys! I’m free.

If we would have done a joint EP and if there was a drum solo going, me and John Bonham going hard, the original Led Zeppelin Drummer, that would have cool. Jimi Hendrix, just because. Or doing something with Pantera back in their heydays that would have been cool!

Thanks for your time Harry and best of luck with the new album!


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