2000 Trees Festival – Interviewing Press To MECO

How many times can you say ‘whacky’ in an interview? Find out below in my chat with the lads from Press To MECO. This was easily one of the most fun interviews I have done in a long time, I feel like the sun might have gotten a bit to all of us but read for yourself….

All cool pix are by my dear Nici Eberl Photography!


Hi lads, let’s do the interview quick fire style!

Press To MECO in five words …

Luke: Dynamic

Adam: Fun

Lewis: Whacky

Luke: Grease Lightning

2000 Trees Festival is …

Lewis: Fantastic! It is a great festival. There is such a great community here. Even though it is under this whole ‘alternative rock umbrella’ there is so much crossover here with all the bands. Even if it can be quite a big whacky difference between all these whacky bands at this whacky festival.

Luke: We are all so whacky and that’s what people on the outside don’t understand unless they are here. This is a whacky place to be.

That one thing that once saved you at a festival…

Lewis: Last time we played 2000 Trees Luke fell over the monitor and we had a very good friend who saved him by picking him back up.

Luke: That’s true!

Lewis: Because Luke couldn’t stop as he was playing a song. I didn’t even realize he had fallen until I looked up cause there were no bum notes or any sign that he was gone. We were just a two piece for a second. Which I have always wanted – haha!

Luke: Everyone thought it was really cool, for like thirty seconds.

‘Here’s To The Fatigue’ stands for…

Luke: We are always tired…

Lewis: A running theme throughout the album is the more you grow up you become a bit more disillusioned with your life and a bit more jaded. And the album is pretty much just talking about that and trying to overcome that struggle of realizing that everything isn’t that great as you might have once thought it was going to be.

We are very proud of the album and we are glad to have it out finally. 2000 Trees is the first festival where we finally got to play all the tunes from the new record.

Favourite song to play live…

Lewis: I enjoy the title track ‘Here’s To The Fatigue’. On our tour we are also playing a song called ‘Howl’ and it’s a sprint to the end but it is fun to play.

Luke: Lewis nearly combusts every time we play that song.

Three vocal harmonies are…

Luke: Hydromatic!

Lewis: Sublime. Like a silver crested dove soaring through the trees, through the 2000 Trees!

One band we would love to collaborate with…

Lewis: We have got many band favourite bands. A big one would be Everything Everything cause they are quite different to us, so it would bring a different vibe to the table.

Luke: I think for me it would always be someone on the complete other side of the spectrum, just for the sake of contrast. Maybe someone like Skrillex or Jay Z. Just someone that comes from a completely different genre. Pharrell Williams would be sick.

Why everyone should listen to ‘Press To MECO’…

Lewis: If you like harmonies and you like whacky music then listen to us. If our vibrant personalities are mirrored in any way in our music, then I feel like people would be intrigued by now.



Thanks for the cracking time guys!

Go Grease Lightning!




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