2000 Trees Festival – Interviewing FIZZY BLOOD

With festival season in full swing and ahead of their debut festival stint at this years 2000 Trees Festival, I caught up with Tim Malkin (guitars/keys/vox) from Fizzy Blood and we got our festival chat on.


Hey, Fizzy Blood, for anyone who hasn’t heard of your band, could you quickly introduce your band in five words?

Pretty boys make pretty noise.


You have been on a massive tour with While She Sleeps, which must have been a great experience. What was the best thing about the whole tour?

I think, without getting to gushy, it was the relationships we formed with everyone involved with the different bands on the tour. We got to learn so much about how to do a tour of that size and how bands much bigger than ourselves operate, it was a real eye opener.


For your recent release ‘PAWN’ you filmed your music video the old school way on VHS. And the result is definitely worth a watch! How did you came up with that idea, when everyone is trying to outdo themselves with fancy flashy videos these days?

Thanks a lot, we like it too! It’s a bit of an odd one really, in very basic terms we all just like the whole look those VHS things give. To go a bit further, we’re pretty proud to be from Leeds. A lot of the bands from our area have this kind of DIY thing going on, I guess we wanted to be a part of that as well.


Will there be more Fizzy Blood music coming our way this year?

Definitely! We’re not sure our selves exactly how much yet, but our next EP will be with you very shortly indeed.


Festival season has already kicked off and you have already ticked off quite a few, with 2000 Trees Festival next on the cards. Are you excited to be part of 2000 Trees?

We really are, we love festivals, we get to play and then go and watch other people play and drink beers and have fun. Also we’re particularly excited for 2000 trees because we’ve never been there before, we’re all about those new experiences. It’s been built up quite a bit by everyone who we’ve spoken to about it, so it’s got a lot to live up to!


Do you have any highlights planned for your performance on the NEU stage on Saturday at 2000 Trees?

We’ve been working on this thing where a kangaroo holds Ciaran in its pouch while he plays one of our tunes, hopefully it’ll be ready in time.


As you are playing on the last day of the festival, are you sticking around for the whole thing?  If so, which bands would you recommend to check out?

Staying on the Leeds theme from earlier, we’re really looking forward to catching Pulled Apart By Horses. Also looking forward to Tigercub, The Hyena Kill and a good ol nees up at Get Inuit.


One thing that once saved you at a festival?

A large, really grim, previously white (was brown with mud) piece of tarpaulin at Leeds festival last year. It was tipping it down so we made a janky gazebo out of it and our camping chairs, it single handedly salvaged the sesh.


Thanks for your time and catch you live soon!



Make sure to head to the NEU stage at 2000 Trees on Saturday at 16:30 to catch Fizzy Blood rocking the tent!

Get a taste of their new single ‘Summer of Luv‘ here:




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