2000 Trees Festival – Interviewing Dave Hause

Ahead of his amazing live set at 2000 Trees, seriously one of the best sets of the entire festival, I had the chance to sit down with Dave Hause and have a little chat about his album, festivals and possible collaborations.

Enjoy the read!

Hi Dave, you are hitting the stage at The Axiom later today. Are you excited to play 2000 Trees Festival?

Yeah sure! I mean to me it’s always a good opportunity when you get a lot of different types of bands together and get the dirt feel, surrounded by trees and lakes. It’s always an interesting set up.

It should be fun! I really don’t know what to expect though. This is our last show of the tour and a lot of the people that have come out over the years to support my music have said that they love this festival. So I think there is a lot of like-minded people, which is exciting. So, I guess we are at the right place?!


What would you say is the biggest difference in playing festivals or full headline shows?

There is like three different varieties.

You can support a band that’s bigger than you, then there is the festival, where thing are sort of similar, because you don’t know what to expect and you usually are playing before a more established band, so there’s loads to learn. And at a festival you have a limited amount of time to deliver your commercial for your show. A festival is like a commercial for your own show. You want it to be exciting. People are inundated with music all day, so to make a mark is difficult.

Headlining, to me is a little bit more gratifying. People have bought into what your thing is. They know the lyrics and they understand the culture of what you are trying to do. What you are singing about and what you’re particular take on rock’n’roll is. I am happy to be get to do both. I am not trying to prioritise, I am just trying to do it all and always as best as I can.


Your new album ‘Bury Me In Philly’ is an homage to your hometown Philadelphia, which sounds amazing! Do you feel it is important to never forget where you came from in terms of that a city can leave a mark on you?

I think in this instance that was a big factor in naming the record and writing the songs that showed up on the record. It think there is instances to leave a place and never look back.

But for me, I sort of had that with Philly for a little while. Based on a relationship that had failed, but once I got myself onto firmer footing and fell in love again and found a new sense of home out in California, Philly started to take on a new sheen. I started to appreciate it for everything that it was, and for everything that California doesn’t have, but Philly does. I found myself sort of torn between two places that I love. So I wanted to write a love letter to the place that formed who I am.


You just mentioned the things that Philly has but California doesn’t. If you could take one thing out of Philly and put it into California, what would that be?

The Pizza! Philly has way better pizza than California.

No, to be honest I think it would be my family.


It’s a tough one, but is there a song on the new album you are most proud of?

Maybe ‘Bury Me In Philly’ – the title track. It sort of sums up the ambivalence of ‘Can I do this? Can I figure out how to do this?  I’m gonna try to take a step out of what I am comfortable with. If it works or if it doesn’t at least I know, where my heart comes from. ‘


Let’s take a look into the future and pretend you were recording another record. But this time a collaboration. Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

Collaborations are always interesting. I am always up for it!

Maybe Adele. Quest Love . Elvis Costello. Jim James from My Morning Jacket. That would be a hell of a record!



Thanks so much for your time Dave and enjoy the rest of the festival!


Find out how Dave Hause went on to nail his set at 2000 Trees, here.

In September 2017, Dave Hause is heading back to the UK for some more live shenanigans, make sure to catch him live and get your tickets here!


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