2000 Trees Festival 2019 – The Highlights

Everyone knows that you want to make one weekend out of the 52 per year count, and that is as always the 2000 Trees weekend!

Blessed with another spell of gorgeous summer weather, 2000 Trees 2019 was bound to be another festival to remember.

With a few adjustments to the site layout and the new Retreat Area as well as a few rides popping up (hello there late-night ride on the big wheel!), the organisers have stepped up their game.

Another new thing this year was early access to the festival, with eager punters having the opportunity to arrive a day early and make the most of their Trees experience by adding the Wednesday to the program.

I could waffle on and on about how amazing this festival is, as it is the best – no honestly, but instead I have gathered my thoughts and bring you a few of my musical highlights from the weekend, which are not the obvious headliners.

Cause everyone goes and sees the headliners, but Trees has so much more to offer, so many bands to discover, so here we go!

Dream State

If you see the name Dream State on a festival line up, you know it’s gonna be one hell of a good show!

The band upgraded their 2000 Trees performance from playing the Axiom last year to a main stage lot in 2019. And rightly so! Having had a brilliant year since they last played Trees, Dream State come armed with more new songs and even more energy than ever.

I always wonder how CJ manages to bounce around the stage so much, in my interview with her last year she revealed that she just goes for it every single time leaving her no time to think about any aches.

And this still hasn’t changed, ‘Trees, if you party, we party!’ she encourages the crowd and they happily oblige. Unleashing their setlist full of bangers onto the crowd it’s one big party.

Mosh pits breaking out, CJ constantly climbing on to the barrier and seconds later being swarmed by eager fans, this show is far from dull! The post-hardcore outfit conquer 2000 Trees once again with their emotionally high energy songs.

‘In This Hell’, ‘White Lies’ and their new track ‘Primrose’ hit you with such intensity, reminding you of your angsty teenage days, that you may or may not, have outgrown by now, but the memories remain.

I can’t stress this enough, if you haven’t listened to Dream State yet, you’ve been living under a rock and you quickly need to change that!


You know when your friend recommends that really cool new band that you need to check out? And they are so insistent that you NEED to see them, that you – for once – listen and drag yourself down to the stage at mid-day with a sore head and definitely to little sleep.

Well, I’m glad I did! What a great way to start the day with a little bit of bouncing to some fresh nu-metal rap sounds of the talented Pengshui.

Their wobbly beats with the harsh banging of the drums and unstoppable bass line instantly cleared away any fuzziness inside your head and had you shuffling within seconds.

I was glued to the stage as the trio bashed out banger after banger as the tent got more and more busy by the minute.

‘Nobody Cares’ got the crowd wild and an early mosh pit erupted in front of the Cave stage. It seemed that Pengshui couldn’t even believe the turnout at their own gig.

The trio gave it their absolute best, which was a lot compared to the punters who were already one or two days deep in the festival daze.

All in all, I’m glad that my friends have a great taste in music (thanks Yasmine 😉 ) and made me drag myself down to an early set. The rest of the day I spent with a little bounce in my step and I am already looking forward to bouncing around with Pengshui soon.

Blood Youth

I got to the NEU stage seconds after Blood Youth had started their set and was greeted with a wall of people. The small tent was packed to the brim with people spilling out on the sides.

After squeezing myself past some fans at the back I made it into the tent. It was hot and the crowd was heaving. Blood Youth had everyone in that tent hooked right from the start.

Kicking things off with the mighty ‘Spineless’, bashing their loud and harsh sound across the land of 2000 Trees. The punters in the tent enjoyed every second of the raw melodic hardcore tracks as lead singers Kaya Tarsus voice delivers the perfect soundtrack of anger, hurt and every possible emotion you could ever feel.

Seconds later I ended up in the front thanks to the heaving crowd, the masses were constantly moving people across the tent. One mosh pit after the next erupts as the four-piece deliver a show that many won’t ever forget. The incredible energy from the band and the eagerness to smash this set bounce off the crowd as the fans feed on the perfect blend of incredible post hardcore tracks, screams mixed with melodic parts and a never ending supply of energy.

The whole tent is bouncing around, crowd surfers are coming through and the madness has reached its peak as Blood Youth wrap up their set with ‘Starve’ from the same titled album.

There is no holding back, every single person in the tent, no matter if young or old gathers their strength one last time to finish on a massive high with Blood Youth.

After this hot and messy set all I can say is, if you haven’t heard of Blood Youth yet, do yourself a favour and check them out! If a wild mix of noughties nu metal, post hardcore and loud and aggressive music laced with some melodic parts doesn’t offend you one bit, you need to listen to Blood Youth.

Just trust me on this one!

The Bottom Line

Far from shouty loud music, to my other musical love, Pop Punk! The Bottom Line bring the summer party to 2000 Trees Festival with their feel-good no bullshit pop punk.

Decking out the NEU stage with palm trees and having a ‘ball’ with an armada of beach balls is how The Bottom Line roll. Aiming for a big party set which will leave festival goers with big smiles, the lads managed to tick that one during their festival slot.

The amazing thing about seeing acts on the NEU stage is, it might be the smallest stage at the festival (bar the forest stage) but every act I have ever seen on the NEU stage owned that stage and delivered a main stage worthy show.

When The Bottom Line took to stage on the last day of the festival a few people might have felt a bit worn out by then after sleeping a few nights in a tent and partying hard at the Silent Disco, but all was forgotten when the four piece got their pop punk party started, complete with loads of big jumps. Who doesn’t appreciate some flying guitarists?

‘Reasons’ started the set and instantly it got wild! The Bottom Line performed the creme de la creme from their recent album ‘No Vacation’ which the fans already knew every word to. It was obvious that the band was loving every second up on stage, as they couldn’t stop grinning or jumping around like Duracell bunnies.

But if you think, that was all they had to offer, hell no! ‘I Still Hate You’ saw lead singer Cal Amies climb onto the barrier before jumping into the sea of punters. Only to be topped of seconds later as guitarist Tom Newton hops over the barrier guitar in hand, to finish of the song in the middle of the crowd. At that point it was hard to decide where to look. The stage to see Matt Bicker beat the drums as Max Ellis was banging out that bass line? Or was it the crowd, trying to catch a glimpse of Cal and Tom buried somewhere under a load of fans, while still singing and playing as they have never done anything else?

Before experiencing whiplash, the band assembled back on stage for the grand final! ‘In Your Memory’ sadly marked the end of the set, but that didn’t stop The Bottom Line to launch loads of beach balls into the crowd to end the best of all summer parties.

Wrapping up pop punk goodness in a song I will surely keep this set in my memory, as one of my 2000 Trees highlights!

What else is there to say?

2000 Trees you have been amazing again. I got to catch up with old friends again, made new friends all sound tracked by some amazing music.

And the Trees ‘’unofficial tradition’ kept going strong, it ain’t Trees if you don’t see at least one hay bale burning up over the fire pit backstage (semi-supervised obviously!).

See you again next year 2000 Trees! ♥


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